World’s Longest Yard Sale – Kentucky

For the second part of our trip we decided to concentrate on Cambellsville and Frankfort, Kentucky.  I would like to say that it was a smooth transition from one state to the other, however that wouldn’t be entirely true.  Getting lost in rural Kentucky can be a little frustrating as the roads wind and the scenery repeats itself with barn after barn and cow after cow.  While it was definitely a pretty sight, the first part of our Kentucky trip had a rough start.  However, things picked up as the 127 Corridor reappeared and the shopping began!


The trailer started to fill up quickly as we purchased more and more items: wooden crates; vintage bottles; folding chairs; numerous hardware; more metal wheels; a wooden dolly and other pieces to turn into furniture or refurbish! We found the prices were a little lower in Kentucky than Tennessee, which made buying even more fun!

At one of our stops we even saw a horse on a treadmill churning ice cream, and horse-drawn carriages!



I even picked up another inexpensive piece to turn into a table! While it may not look like much, I have high hopes for the metal and wooden carts and dollies I purchased on the trip.  You better bet there will be posts on their transformations in the coming months! I wanted this rusty old cart so much that I even dragged it by wire up a grassy hill to our trailer!  It is also worth mentioning that the people of Kentucky were very kind and helpful, in fact the man who sold me this went and cut wire and strung it through the holes so I could haul it to our car, while giving me tips on how to do it without hurting myself!

After talking to other people from the sales we heard that Newport, Kentucky had great items so we headed that way.  Newport is a really cute town with small shops and restaurants that is the last exit before Cincinnati, Ohio.  While it may not have been that long (only about 6 blocks), we found some great bargains! Also, this area was completely different from the other sales areas as it was in the middle of town on a main street.  It was a welcomed change of scenery. Some great finds from this area include a set of china, a vintage fan, and some adorable soda fountain chairs!



Overall, we had a wonderful time driving the open roads, bargaining for deals, rummaging through boxes to find the perfect piece, and finding items we didn’t even know we wanted, or existed! The road trip and actual sales were such an experience that we can’t wait for next summer to do it all again (with a few changes)!

* I will be posting on trip tips, and some pictures of the great items we have found in the next few days!

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  1. Staci DiFazio says

    Wow!!! I love reading your blog! It sounds like you had an amazing trip! That has always been something I wanted to do and hopefully will get a chance to do it when the kids are a bit older. But I am def gonna start looking for some old pieces of furniture to transform and maybe even start a blog!!! Keep up the good work Jodi!!!

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