Throw Back Thursday – Halloween Costumes 2012


Happy Halloween!!! It is finally here!  Since our plans this year are a little more laid back (aka staying in watching scary movies), I figured I would show off our handmade costumes from last year!  I was the a zombie Amelia Earhart while Jim was my zombie copilot (Fred Noonan) and of course our cardboard plane helped to complete the costume.

I have always been interested in Amelia Earhart, and had planned on being her for Halloween months before our actual Halloween party last year.  However, this did not allow for me to plan or buy much before, as creating the costume was all very last-minute.  The costume was largely put together with items I already owned.  I tucked my loose-fitting khaki colored dress pants into my riding boots and wore a white button down shirt and short leather gloves.  I then purchased the aviator hat and goggles from Party City, and completed the costume with a top – gun looking military pilot jacket that I found at the Good Will.   I just created my own name tag and hot glued it over one of the patches.

amelia nametag

And let’s not forget the zombie make up!

Jim was able to wear clothes he already owned, and just topped off his pilot look with aviators and some blood face make up as well.  But walking around with the cardboard plane meant he didn’t need too much anyway!


Lastly, I assembled the shabby looking airplane out of old boxes (ok beer bottle boxes), an egg crate (for the engines), a stapler, some duct tape, rope, and a clear piece of plastic for the windshield.  Oh and a turnable steering wheel was created on the inside, out of a paper plate (wish I had a picture of that).

cardboard planeAll in all assembling the plane was pretty fun, and clearly very simple!  It was just a matter of trying different things and making them work!  A couple of coats of Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint helped turn the cardboard mess into something more recognizable.  Adding some vintage luggage stickers and painting on some details helped also.  And if that didn’t drive it home, I knew spelling it out for my guests in a funny way would work just as well! Get it?!



As the night progressed a wing fell off and the stickers started to come loose, but that was nothing compared to the crash landing Jim decided to take with our plane onto the dance floor later on!  I guess that is how you know it was a fun party…with fun DIY costumes!

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