The World’s Longest Yard Sale – Tennessee

We didn’t really know what to expect when we headed down south for the Longest Yard Sale.  We had an idea, sure, but we were newbies.  My mother, sister and I left from Connecticut and drove to Roanoke Virginia, after stopping at the Natural Bridge where we took pictures, and hiked about five miles, unintentionally.  Then we headed to Nashville where we spent two full days trying to squeeze in as much of the city as we could manage.  I think we did this rather successfully as we had a wonderful time.  But then we were off to meet some of our family from Michigan, in Crossville, Tennessee where the first leg of our yard sale trip would begin.  And luckily our family was bringing a trailer!


We woke up early (very important) in our hotel on the first official day of the yard sale and found out HGTV was staying in our same hotel in Crossville! We saw numerous camera men and crew, but no recognizable HGTV faces.  Just knowing they were there confirmed we were in a good area, and we were excited to begin hunting for great pieces!  The towns we hit in Tennessee included Crossville, Clarkrange and Jamestown.  In Crossville, we started out reluctant to buy much, we were more so taking everything in, and wondering if we may find better deals later on.  Although, my sister did end up with some great vintage jewelry pieces and I found fantastic deals on old metal wheels that I will be using for tables!


We noticed early on that people were selling everything from vintage radios to even hamsters and birds (whaaat?)!


We found that if you stopped at every sale on the side of the road it could three take hours just drive 2 miles! Therefore we quickly decided to start heading to where there were more tents, and larger sale areas.  By the Cumberland Mountain Genral Store in Clarkrange there were hundreds of tents set up nearby with some really great authentic vintage items.  Everything from old hardware (which I stocked up on) to large signs, records, wood crates, bottles, suitcases, and stuff in between that you would never even think of! Prices ranged from 50 cents to $1,000 and everyone was ready to bargain.


Just talking to other people, and various vendors we found that people came in from all over the country for a chance to see what these sales had to offer!


The only town that we didn’t have much luck in was Jamestown, while we had heard great things, we didn’t find much.  However,  this didn’t slow us down, and now we know for next year (oh yes there will be a next year)!

While our days were long, sometimes from 8 a.m to 8 p.m, when we weren’t shopping we were driving long distances and seeing some really great sights!  The sunsets and the farms alone were worth a trip!

*I’ll be posting on how we did in Kentucky, and some trip tips in the next few days!



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