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As many of you know, I love a good makeover project! Especially if the makeover involves taking an old beat up piece and turning it into something beautiful and functional.  This is exactly what I set out to do with this old sewing desk that I picked up at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, for only $40!  I decided to glam up the piece with some metallic paint on the handles and legs, and that line from green to silver is my favorite part of my new desk!

First let me show you what this desk looked like when I picked it up.


It was certainly in need of some cleaning up, but I loved the lines of the desk, it was sturdy, it was cheap, and my absolute favorite part…the top slid back!  Therefore I knew this desk would function as both a nice office desk for Jim, and a craft desk for me!


That hole is where the sewing machine would normally go, but I loved it because I figured I could store some paints and supplies in there, and leave the natural wood around it so I could do some painting and crafting and not have to worry about ruining the top!

As always, the first steps include prep work.  I placed some drop cloths down, removed all of the hardware, and got to sanding (100 grit).  After sanding I wiped down the desk with a slightly damp cloth to remove any dust.  I also taped off the bottom 6″ of the legs with painters tape as I knew I wanted that part to be silver to match the handles.


Then it was time to paint!

paintcolorI used Benjamin Moore paint in “Mountain Lane” which I loved!  It photographs a little more olive than it is in person (it is actually lighter and more of a sage color).  I decided to save the money and not use a primer as I didn’t need this desk to be perfect, as I had planned on distressing it.  I used a mini foam brush for cutting in, and then a paintbrush for the first two light coats and a roller on the last coat.  I also do a very light sanding in between coats (220 grit).  Some people prefer to use a paint brush for the final coat as well, if so I recommend using a nice paint brush like Purdy to do so.  I did not have any on hand so I just used a roller and it came out pretty even.  Either way, make sure you give your furniture enough drying time between coats (usually at least 4 hours)!

While I waited for the paint to dry on the desk, I spray painted my desk handles with a silver metallic spray paint.


Once one side was dry I flipped them over to get the other side.  I loved the immediate update it gave them!


Now giving the legs that silver dipped look was the part I had never done before, so I kind of just made it up.  After the green paint was almost dry I removed the painters tape from around the legs.


I then did something crazy.  I just eyeballed it and sprayed the wooden part of the legs with my metallic paint…without taping the top part.  Honestly, this saved me a lot of time!  I knew I would have to go back and touch up the legs anyway so why bother with the tape!  Since I was using a spray paint I just made two light coats by spraying horizontally with my can, and it actually came out pretty evenly, with only a light dusting above the green line!

The touch up was easy, with a tapered foam brush I went back over the legs with my green paint and tried to make as straight of a line as possible above the silver.

silverlineWhen everything was all dry I couldn’t wait to set it up!  For those of you who may notice, this desk is now in what used to be my “book nook”.  I really needed a space for my Etsy projects as well as a place to hold all of my art supplies, and Jim needed a spot for when he works from home, therefore this old sewing desk proved to be the perfect solution!


As you can see with the top slid back, I didn’t paint the wood around the sewing machine hole as I plan on using that surface for my crafts anyway!


It really turned out great for performing double duty!  As I’m sure when Jim uses it, the desk will look something like this:


And when I use it, the desk will look something like this:


And maybe in between it will look something like this:


But any way you look at it, the desk has definitely had a much-needed makeover and we can’t wait to use it!

*Notice those blank white walls above the desk?  That’s what I will be working on next in the new and improved “nook”!



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