Room Makeover – Playful Guest Bedroom/ Kid’s Room

Hi everyone! It has been a little while since my last post and in the meantime my blog has had a little work done 😉 and I am very excited about its new look! And speaking of new looks I recently gave a little makeover to an unused room in my parent’s house!  My mother decided that she needed another usable guest room in their home, one that could also double as a kid’s room for their future grandchildren (one is already on the way as my sister is due in September)!

Warning: the room you are about to see was my brother’s room growing up.  It is small.  It is dark.   No one slept here.  It was used for storage for many years.  My mom might kill me for showing this, but here it is (covers eyes, backs away slowly)…

guest bedroom before 1guest bedroom before 2guest bedroom before 3guest bedroom before 4The fear has probably started to settle in now.  But don’t worry we changed all of this!  It of course started with some cleaning and then paint!  You might think as a kid’s room/ playful guest bedroom that I would want to put some color on the walls?  Well think again.  I wanted white.  Bright white, and white curtains and a white rug.  I really wanted this room to seem bigger and brighter in whatever way possible!  Therefore my dad painted over these dingy cream colored walls with some Benjamin Moore white paint (that I can’t remember the name of now).  By raising the new white curtains higher up to the ceiling on both the windows and over the closet it gave the room some height and made it seem bigger (it also hid the dark wood trim).  We also added a soft white rug over the hardwood floor to give the room an airy feel.  Oh and the new bed was also white.  How could I forget the beautiful daybed from Ikea, which my father and I put together for hours the night before completing the room!  This daybed was the perfect choice as a twin bed is the only thing that will fit in this room, and because it comes with a trundle bed underneath! This means two whole grown ups can sleep in this little room! And with the trundle pushed in, the room can still accommodate a little crib!  It was all about options people.

My mother and I had come up with the idea of doing mostly black and white for the tiny room.  But then we went to Macy’s and saw the fun new line by Martha Stewart called Whim.  And I wanted all of the things.  The sheets were all so cute, I’m talking polka dots, flamingos, zebras, stripes etc!  The comforters were vibrant and adorable as well, so we stayed with our black and white theme and chose a black comforter with white flowers and pops of pink and turquoise/aqua.   From there we chose the black and white polka dot sheets, and the turquoise zebra sheets to go with it.  And a turquoise colored quilt. Many options.  This would be a multi functional room after all.

All that was left was the accessorizing.  I loved the zebra idea and wanted to play off of that as much as possible.  It was gender neutral, it was bold, it could work for both adults and kids.  I found the large zebra print at Ikea for the one large wall.  However I needed more art for the walls, therefore I bought a two black canvases from Michaels and drew on them with a white paint pen.  One was a zebra with polka dots (tying both the sheets together) and the other was a flower print that I mimicked from the comforter.  We added two staggered shelves over the bed and added some pops of color there as well by framing some scrapbook paper.  Lastly I took a white canvas and wrote “you are my sunshine”, and then we were all set for wall art!  Inexpensive and easy!

The final touches included spray painting an old rocking chair my mom used when we were little.  We spray painted this robin’s egg blue and I just love the pop of color it gave!  I also added in a vintage toy chest (that my father restored and stained) and a vintage rocking horse.  I loved how the vintage wood elements tied in the hardwood of the room.  To make the room more kid friendly I made the closet more of a nook area with the white curtains tied back and a little washi taped outline of a house on the inside.  The curtains could be easily closed for an older look, and of course the washi tape can easily come off as well.  Again, options.

But enough of all that, here is the room after….

Kids Room 1

Kids Room 3 Kids Room 2 afterKids Room 4 AfterKids Room 5Kids Room 6Kids Room 7Kids Room 8Kids Room 9And by adjusting a few things you get more of a boys room.Boys Room 1And just by taking off the blue quilt and closing the closet curtains you get a little less of a kids room.Kids Room 13Kids Room 12Kids Room 11And there you have it.  It is definitely a room that can easily grow and change throughout the years.   With the basics already there it will just be a matter of a little addition or subtraction of items.

Thanks for checking out this room makeover! If you have one you would like to share email me at to be featured!



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