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While the thought of giving up closet space may be unthinkable to some people, for many, finding proper office space is more important.  If you already have designated areas for your clothes, but your computer hangs out on your coffee or kitchen table, and your printer and office supplies are stranded in various other rooms in your house…converting a closet into an office may be the answer for you.

In this case, having a defined office area was crucial to my parent’s home, and with three unused bedrooms, I knew they had the space.  Converting a closet into an office area means that you don’t have to devote an entire room to it, and consequently lose a bed (especially important for my parents when we come home for holidays).  Also, you get to create an unexpected area and think outside of the box…or closet.

Since I was making over my old bedroom anyway, and the closet was now empty, I figured why not utilize the extra space for storage of my parent’s craft and office supplies, laptop and printer! I knew I would no longer need a full closet for my weekend visits, and most guests don’t fill an entire closet with clothes when they stay (I hope)!  I also knew the completed room would have an empty dresser and a rustic shelf with knobs for anything that needed to hang, my bases were covered.  It was office space time!

Luckily, my father had long ago installed adjustable wire shelving in the closet.  Therefore, the office area would come together pretty easily.   But before any of the organizing, I decided to paint the inside of the closet a bluish color to match the main accessories of the room.  I knew the closet would be open and kept as organized as possible, so why not make it feel part of the room, without having it blend in!

From this:


To this:


Once the paint was dry I used a piece of scrap wood cut to fit inside of the closet.  By keeping the wood a little shorter on both sides it would be able to fit in the closet easily, and be taken out if needed.  I floated the wood on the plastic mounts that were part of the wire shelving unit, adjusting to make sure it was the right desk height.  I then played around with the wire shelving spacing until it looked right.  I ended up using the half shelves on just the right side, thus leaving space for a diy cork board, and a tall lamp.

closet1 I had picked up a roll of cork from Michael’s Craft Store, and cut it to fit between the shelving tracks, and secured it with tacks on the sides.  If I had it to do over again, I would probably use the cork squares or regular cork board, as the cork roll was very thin and flimsy and tore very easily.  However it was an inexpensive solution that once up worked great, but it definitely took a few tries.

corkroll Lastly, I filled the shelving with the necessities.  Storage boxes were important in keeping loose items and scraps organized, while printer paper, binders and pens, pencils and other supplies could be kept neatly on display.


While the look of the closet office is currently pretty simple, I know that it has allowed for a much-needed work space, thus freeing up space elsewhere in the house where these office items were once scattered.


Who knows, since the basics are there now, this may even turn into a full on craft closet one day too! And possibly get a little more comfy as well (thinking curtains, a nicer chair etc).  Just because it is an office space, doesn’t mean it can’t be cute!  Take a look at some of these great closet conversions below, and you can see how a simple closet can become so much more than a space to hang your clothes!

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