Nashville – A Honky Tonk Good Time

I certainly wouldn’t be bashful if I was from Nashville.  What a great city, and what a fabulous time we had at our first stop on our road trip to the Longest Yard SaleDSC_0167While Broadway Street is not very long, it took us a long time to walk it.  The fluorescent signs of every bar and honky-tonk light up your path and beg you to peek inside.  Live music pours out into the streets as well as people donned in their cowboy boots and hats.  Each bar has a little something different from the one before it.  Tootsies, a bona fide hole in the wall, with its purple exterior and narrow hallway like bar doesn’t leave much elbow room (but after a few drinks and singing along with the live band, you don’t care.  At least we didn’t).  Just a few feet up the road is Robert’s Western World, where the bar size triples, and so does the age of its patrons.  It seems the locals prefer this spot, the true country fans who are looking to sit and eat away from the bachelorette parties and young pop country fans. There is a karaoke bar, bars three stories high, and bars as big as your closet.  But the most noticeable thing on Broadway is the live music.  Whether it is a southern rock duo, a traditional country legend, or three aspiring singer/songwriters (which we saw and loved), you can find just what you are looking for on this street, and it just might take you a few days (like us) to take it all in.





It seems everyone in Nashville is a musician or a singer.  You will find them on the corners of the street, or behind the bar serving you a beer, and then up on stage the very next minute.  This happened to us with both a bartender and a waitress!

Though you don’t have to walk to enjoy all that Broadway has to offer, you can hop on a bike, ok a bike powered bar, and pedal yourself up and down the street all while enjoying your favorite beer like we did with the Pedal Tavern!

But the fun doesn’t stop at the end of Broadway Street, it just looks that way.  Some other great spots we loved included the Pancake Pantry where we enjoyed the best flapjacks we have ever tasted, the Grand Ole Opry for a tour of tradition, the Loveless Cafe for a southern meal, and our favorite, the Bluebird Cafe for an intimate concert with up and coming singer/songwriters.

Either way, Nashville rocks! Check back in the next few days to see where else we stopped, and what we found at The Longest Yard Sale!



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  1. michele says

    wow Jodi – I just read this. Sounds like I too may have to add this to my
    list when George and I rent a Winnebago and cross this great country some day. Thanks for sharing it with such insight – ya’all must have had a great time. What a trip.
    Can’t wait to hear more – Michele

  2. Cher says

    Jodi It sounds like you had a lot of fun! You’re pictures are beautiful. Makes me want to go to Nashville that much more.

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