My Bazaar Experience – The Vintage Bazaar

VBPosterheadsI hope everyone had a lovely weekend, I certainly did, especially because I went to the Vintage Bazaar on Sunday!  The first time I went to the Bazaar was in the fall, and my sister and I had a wonderful time, so much so that we decided to come again for the summer festival!  For those of you who don’t know what the Vintage Bazaar is, it is a semi-annual two-day outdoor event held at Pettengill Flower Farm and filled with tents and tents of amazing antiques, vintage pieces, repurposed and handmade goodies.  Holly and I decided to go on the Sunday event again, only this time we decided to fit brunch in first, because well who doesn’t love brunch, and who doesn’t love shopping after having bloody marys for breakfast?  Ok that last part might have been a mistake, along with bringing our significant others.  I don’t think Craig and Jim anticipated what rummaging through numerous tents on a hot day would be like, or how long it would take, but they were good sports!

VB1Just as I remembered from last year, there were campers.  Not old, dirty 1970’s and left in your backyard campers…but old, clean and totally redone Glampers!!  Ok so some were a mini shop filled with sellable items, and some were actually available to rent (through Vintage Maine Vacations) and all were adorable!

VB Glamping CollageHow fun would it be to redo and decorate an old camper, and then actually use it?


Besides the campers, great vendor tents lined the grass and it was hard not to buy everything in sight!

VBceramicsVBvendors2VbdishsisterscollageTreasures, big and small were everywhere you looked!

VBsucculentsVBbenchVBcratesVBrefurbishedSame as last year the Bazaar had food stands and live music to accompany your shopping!  Luckily this helped distract Craig and Jim enough for us to buy some things!  And they also came in handy helping to carry our purchases to the car! My sister ended up buying some great pieces to use for her jewelry, and some vintage bar glasses.  I ended up with some vintage napkins, scarves, pillar legs and an old wooden crate to turn into tables! And as per with any last day sale, you get great deals (and a complex about wondering what you missed)!

Looking forward to when the Vintage Bazaar rolls around again in September!  And maybe next summer Holly and I will be a part of the Bazaar with a tent of our own!




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