Ideas for a Golden Globes Get-Together

Awards season is here!  The celebrities, the fashion…the excuse to stay in and have your friends over! And it continues with the Golden Globes this Sunday, hosted by two of my favorites Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.  The Golden Globes are the more laid back Oscars, I mean they sit and eat and get pretty tipsy, so who says you can’t do the same with all of your A-list friends!

If you are like me, you probably feel pretty wiped out after the holiday season.  You probably don’t want to put a bunch of effort or money into throwing another party, and who says you have to!  Throwing a quick and easy Golden Globes get-together just might be the trick to a casual night in with friends, ok a causal theme night!

Have your guests dress up as a character from their favorite movie/show of the year!  Or sport something formal from your closet and have a fake red carpet!  Or hey – skip all of that and have your guests come in their pajamas and save the extra effort for voting on your favorite celebrity red carpet look!  Any way you want to plan it, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you may think!

Golden Globes Party

1.) Send a Paperless Invitation – Paperless Post has some great free invitations that you can send to all of your friends, and not having to wait long for a reply means you still have time!

2.) DIY Popcorn Cones – What better snack food is there to watch tv with than popcorn? There’s no need to share when everyone gets their own!  Use left over gold wrapping paper or pretty scrapbook paper and line with wax paper on the inside.  Don’t have either? Do the same with brown paper bags! Cut holes in a wrapped box and display, or stack and let guest fill up their own.

3.) DIY Ballot Box or Envelope – Wrap a shoe box in gold or black, or use treat bags to make a ballot envelope.  Have everyone cast a secret ballot for best dressed, best speech, best hair, or make up your own categories to keep it interesting!  Reveal winners at the end of the night. *(diy tutorial is for Oscars envelope but try drawing your own golden globe statue and fill in with glitter paint.)

4.) Gold Balloons – Pick up a bunch of gold balloons from your local party store and float them around the room!  Or write on your balloons with glue and glitter! Write “The Golden Globes” or “Best Actress” “Best Actor” “Best Movie” and so on.  Line up and use as a photo booth area!

5.)  DIY Swizzle Sticks – Use your leftover tinsel, ribbon or anything gold from Christmas or New Years, hey mini gold ball ornaments would work too! Hot glue it onto a swizzle stick, paper straw, or tooth picks!  Place in drinks and feel fancy!

6.) Serve the Official Golden Globes Cocktail – Or just serve some champagne in glasses with your new pretty diy swizzle sticks, your call.

7.) Serve Cucumber Stacks and other easy apps – Just because they serve a full course gourmet meal at the Golden Globes doesn’t mean you have to! Stick with simple finger foods that you can make to fit the theme a la these Downton Abbey cucumber bites.

8.) Fill out Ballot Forms – Download and print out ballot forms and have your guests fill out their answers during the pre-show.  Be sure to have plenty of pens or pencils ready!

9.)  Play the Golden Globes Drinking Game – Hilarious rules provided by Tina Fey & Amy Poehler! Or have your friends come up with some funny rules of their own!

10.)  Sit back, relax and enjoy as the start of the awards season means you will have plenty of time to change it up for future awards parties!  Keep in mind this is the Golden Globes, it is the more causal, fun awards show – so plan accordingly.

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