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Confession: I along with a great majority of America am obsessed with all things pumpkin!  That means pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin soup, pumpkin beer and most importantly… carving pumpkins!  Now if you have browsed the blog world or Pinterest over the past few Halloweens, you may know that carving pumpkins is so 2011!  Now this is not to say that I am completely over the tradition of sculpting squashes! But why stop there?  Why carve when you can paint?  Or hey better yet why not do both!

If you are looking for a quick way to create some adorable painted pumpkins, look no further! My sister created some gold and silver painted pumpkins in a jiffy with mini pumpkins, painter’s tape, foam brushes and Martha Stewart Metallic Craft Paint!




But the painted pumpkin possibilities don’t end there! Last year, I painted two medium-sized pumpkins white with a black stem.  Then, once dry I used black acrylic paint to write the words “Trick” on one pumpkin, and “Or Treat” on the other, and placed them in my entry way next to a bowl of candy.  Much easier than carving, and a LOT less messy!


Lastly, it is the carving and the painting combination that can really make the most impact!  My sister and I saved this for the larger pumpkins!  For last year’s party I wanted to carve something I would be able to go back over with paint.  Therefore, being a sucker for anything vintage looking, I landed on  a vintage moon that I found here, along with a bunch of other adorable vintage Halloween inspired templates!



But my sister created the perfect combo of carving and paint by first finding a pumpkin with a long twisty stem for the nose, then carving a menacing witch face, and using black paint for the eyes, and around the teeth.  She then topped it off with a witch’s hat!


Whatever you decide to do with your pumpkins, know that there are plenty of pumpkin possibilities and a little paint can go a long way!


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