Halloween Party Tutorials – Headless Portrait Printables

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Halloween is just a couple of days away! But don’t fret if your house doesn’t look quite haunted yet!  You can spook up your home with just a printer, and things you already own, thanks to Pottery Barn!

A few years ago on the Pottery Barn website, their creative team showed how to throw an amazing Halloween Party and even included some free printables!  Last year I found these printables and used the headless portraits above the couch, and watched as guests did double takes all night of the vintage looking vignette I created!


You can create a similar look by printing out the headless portrait printables and popping them in frames you have around the house!  I used a large clock in the center with an empty frame to one side and an old window on the other.  I then printed out the pictures to fit different frame sizes I had lying around. I placed these in and around the window and empty frame.



And of course making the frames a little crooked and stretching some spider webs across the portraits only helps to set the vibe of subtle creepiness!

But the free printables provided by Pottery Barn don’t stop there!  You can find some old wooden looking signs with warnings for your guests here!  I used mod podge to attach these to pieces of wood I had around and used some raffia string to hang them!


And lastly, remember the gravestones at the bottom of my Haunted House Wall Mural?  Well those were also provided free from Pottery Barn’s website!


So don’t go thinking you have to spend big bucks to make a truly spooky space for a Halloween Party or for Halloween night!  With a little searching on the web you will find there are plenty of free prints and DIY ideas out there to inexpensively make your house a little haunted!

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