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It really doesn’t get any thriftier than decorating with trash bags, does it?  So far I have shown you how to create a Witch’s Curtain by cutting up plain black trash bags, and today I’m going to show you how to create your very own Halloween Wall Decor by using…you guessed it…Trash Bags!

While shopping for decor for last year’s party, I went to a few party stores and noticed that the large wall murals were either sold out, or more than I wanted to pay for something that felt like a thin plastic bag.  Then it hit me.  Why not just make my own wall decor with large plastic bags?  I could paint whatever I wanted, and save some money at the same time!

It was time to get out those heavy-duty black trash bags!  I ended up using four bags taped side by side and tacked them to the wall.  You could also cut the seam of the bag to widen your mural space, however I wanted to keep the surface a little thicker because of the paint so I kept the bag intact.


I then got out my trusty acrylic paints and began painting a haunted house.  I simply looked up images of haunted houses on the internet and tried to replicate a larger version of what I saw.


Keep in mind you will be working with a blank canvass and can therefore paint whatever your heart desires!  It can be as simple or as complex as you wish!  Some ideas could be a twisty tree with leaves, a cemetery, or you can simply write BOO or Happy Halloween!  Either way it is bound to make an impact due to the size!

I personalized mine by scratching our apartment number over the painted door.


I found that once the paint was dry (which was very quickly) it could easily be scratched into for a layered sketchy effect (see the lines on the doors and porch columns).  I used this trick to create the bats over the moon and the lines of the windows! I just used my nails and ran them over the dried paint for added effect!


I also cut out pictures of tombstones that I found online and taped them to the bottom part of the mural, creating a mini cemetery.  Since I love having “photo booth” type areas (see Gatsby Party Photo Booth) set up for parties, I used this wall mural as the backdrop for such.  I anchored the mural on both sides with light up trees and spider webs creeping across.  Lastly, I painted a quick wooden “photo booth” sign, so people knew to step right up in their costumes and have their pictures taken!

photo booth signThis DIY Halloween Wall Mural quickly became the hit of the evening, with guests taking turns standing in front of it and posing for numerous pictures!


So go get out your box of trash bags and paint something spooky and splendid!  You got this… in the bag!

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