Feature Friday – Holly’s Ottoman Makeover

before and after ottomanMy sister Holly recently bought a beautiful house with her husband, which means they also have to fill and decorate this beautiful house…and that means projects!  Lots and lots of projects!  Luckily for me my sister is very crafty and loves to redo furniture and also allows me share these projects with you!

Holly picked up this old wooden ottoman for a few bucks while we were on our Longest Yard Sale trip, in fact she picked up a quite a few ottomans, I guess the girl just likes putting her feet up!  Either that or she saw the potential for these purchases right away.  Ottomans, especially this one, make for one of the quickest furniture makeovers out there!  And they are just so cute and versatile!

The coolest part about this little ottoman is the gold tip legs, a feature Holly definitely wanted to keep and therefore taped off before she got to work.  She began by sanding the wood down with a fine grit sandpaper and wiped it all down before she added the chalk paint which she whipped up herself using this tutorial.  For this you basically mix your paint with Plaster of Paris and water and you end up with a great matte and chalky looking finish.  Between each coat Holly was sure to give the piece a light sanding, she ended up doing about three coats of paint to make sure the ottoman was completely covered.

The cushion was then recovered with a fun fabric from Joann Fabric Store.  Holly used a staple gun to attach the fabric and then screwed the top back onto the base and voila!

This ottoman can serve as either a place to put your feet up or an extra seat while also adding to the decor of the room!  I just love the way Holly easily transformed this old and boring ottoman into a modern looking piece!

ottomancompleted1 ottomancompleted4

*Have any furniture makeovers that you would like to share?  Email me at twineandvines@gmail.com to be featured on the blog!


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