Donut You Know – Valentine’s Day is Coming Up!

Valentines Day Mugs

And that means thoughtful presents!  And what is more thoughtful and useful than a hand painted mug? Therefore I have been making these coffee mugs over the past few days and I can’t wait to make more!  You can find these mugs available for purchase in my Etsy shop or you can make some of your own by following my past DIY Coffee Mug tutorial!

When I think of Valentine’s day I think of love…and when I think of love I think of coffee, and donuts!?

Starting with this mug I painted which reads “all you need is love and coffee”, with a cup of coffee and a heart out of steam on the back:

Love and Coffee Mug

Then of course I thought of donuts (a normal train of thought for me), and decided to do a little play on the word donut and created this set of mugs:


What handmade items will you be making for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day?

* I will be creating more mugs and updating my Etsy shop so be sure to check back in!  Custom requests are always welcomed!

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