Australian Adventure Part 3: Cairns

The final destination on our Australian adventure was Cairns, the perfect location for visiting both the tablelands and the great barrier reef!  We ended our honeymoon with plenty of sight-seeing and adventure!  Check out a few pictures and the last video below!  Enjoy!

Australian Adventure Part 2: Melbourne

The second stop on our Australian adventure was Melbourne, a wonderful city with plenty to see and do both in and around the area.  Below are a few of my favorite pictures along with Part 2 of the video series documenting our trip!  Enjoy!  

Australian Adventure Part 1: Sydney

After and an amazing two-week honeymoon in Australia I am officially back to blogging!  Future posts will be chock-full of DIY ideas for the home and parties, as well as some projects from our own wedding!  But before all of that, check out a few pictures and a short video I made of the first destination on our Australian adventure!    

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

With Christmas one week away it is time to start thinking about gift wrapping!  And for those over achievers out there who already have their gifts wrapped, here are some ideas for next year!  Today I will show you some ideas that I tried out, including painting a few gift tags and making decorative flower toppers out of coffee filters and cupcake liners! After I saw

Handmade Holiday Home Tour 2014 – Rustically Vintage

Welcome to my holiday home tour!  This year I am linking up to Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday House Walk! For first time visitors, I am Jodi and I live with my husband in an apartment in Boston, which makes decorating (especially for the holidays) a challenge that I love to take on!  Whether you rent or own, live in an apartment or a house, it is always important

My Bazaar Experience – The Vintage Bazaar

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, I certainly did, especially because I went to the Vintage Bazaar on Sunday!  The first time I went to the Bazaar was in the fall, and my sister and I had a wonderful time, so much so that we decided to come again for the summer festival!  For those of you who don’t know what the Vintage Bazaar

Creating a Coffee Station

Coffee.  I love it.  I need it.  So why shouldn’t it have it’s very own special station?  Why shouldn’t this tiny part of my home feel like it could be part of a quaint bed & breakfast or a cute little coffee shop? There is no reason it shouldn’t!  I covet the full walled, elaborately amazing coffee stations that I have seen on Pinterest, but I

A Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

I am so excited to show you what painting your kitchen cabinets can do for your home, as well as explain how to do just that, as briefly as possible!  Because believe me, painting the cabinets and boxes of your kitchen is not a quick process, but it is definitely a worth while one.  I recently painted kitchen cabinets for a friend, and am in

A “Shoes Off Please” Feature & Video

Hey old sport!  You may remember my Great Gatsby 30th Birthday Party from this past summer?  Well it was just featured on the amazing blog Shoes Off Please!  When I read that Gilit was looking for party submissions, I took a chance and sent her some pictures and info on my Roaring 20’s themed party, and was ecstatic to find that she actually wanted to

DIY to Try – A Belted Shelf

For a while now, I have been thinking of different ways to install some sort of shelving in our small bathroom.   We have very limited space around our sink, and our toiletries are usually covering every inch.  Well today I had enough, I decided I was going to change that, I knew even the smallest shelf would free up some space!  However, I did