All My Bags are Packed…


Only I am not leaving on a jet plane, rather driving 15 hours, but hey it is worth it! Can you imagine all of the amazing pieces I will find at the Longest Yard Sale?! Ok so what is this trip I keep talking about?Well if you are a flea market and yard sale lover like I am, then it is heaven! And if you are not…well it is pure hell.  Luckily I am the former.

The World’s Longest Yard Sale, also known as the 127 Corridor Sale is held annually for four days in August, (this year it is August 1-4) running for 690 miles from Michigan to Alabama! But don’t you worry, we will just be focusing on parts of Tennessee and Kentucky.  So what do they sell at this event? I think the better question would be what don’t they sell?  Probably not much.  I am expecting to see a little bit of everything, big and small, weird and wonderful!

So why am I packed so early? Well because I am excited! And actually because we (me, my mother, and sister) leave tomorrow! Our road trip will start early with a stop somewhere in Virginia (to be determined), and then over to Nashville, Tennessee where we will spend two days preparing with country music, local brews and sightseeing!

ready to go


While I may have been to my share of flea markets, I have never even come close to something of this scale! Therefore, packing and preparing are as important as what you buy (just not as fun)!

The essentials:


Alright, I am off! I hope to post while away, even if from my cell phone.  And I promise to return with favorite finds, plenty of stories, and trip tips!



  1. Karen says

    You need a cart with wheels so you won’t have to carry everything. Have a great time. Post lots of pictures. ps. don’t wear your Mom out to bad.LOL


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