A First Birthday Party – Bird Theme

We recently celebrated my niece’s first birthday with a backyard bird-themed party!  When my sister and her husband were trying to come up with a fun theme they decided on birds, because Addison just loves them!  When you say “Addie do you see the birdy?” she will look around curiously to find the pretty winged creatures, and then excitedly point and squeal when they fly.  It is pretty adorable, just like she is. 
First Birthday BannerOnce the theme was set Holly and Craig (my sister and brother in-law) picked out their invitations, and the color scheme and decor started rolling from there.


I made a chalkboard sign to welcome guests to the party, as well as a banner for first birthday pictures and decor, and used the invitations as inspiration for both.

dsc_0207dsc_0150one-bannerWe also went to Michaels Craft Store and picked up a bunch of wooden birdhouses that I painted in various colors, we hung these from the trees in their backyard and placed around the party.  
dsc_0238dsc_0243dsc_0242dsc_0245And for the tables my sister and I luckily already owned a few birdhouses, and bird decor that we combined with some ribbons and placed around as well.

dsc_0216dsc_0249My sister picked up even more birdhouses to be used as party favors for the children.  She secured a few markers and an adorable printable bird tag on each.

dsc_0213 dsc_0209A few other items we picked up from Michaels included these fun owl masks that I painted and we used as photo props.

dsc_0204 dsc_0342Holly and Craig ordered the perfect cake and smash cake for the party from a local baker.

dsc_0259And when it was time to sing Happy Birthday Addison just loved her first taste of birthday cake!

dsc_0296 dsc_0316For the party my sister made the cutest birthday crown for Addie to wear, based off of a few ideas she found on Pinterest.  I just love the way it turned out!

dsc_0264Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Addison’s first year!

dsc_0223dsc_0310Holly and Craig ended up with a beautiful day for a beautiful little girl!

Happy Birthday Addie! xoxo

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  1. msc says

    What a great day it was. The birthday girl seemed to love it all and of course was as cute as she could be. The bird houses were so smartly done as to make the colors pop and everything all work together. The idea to use some items from there own home was a great one. The handmade banners, along with the cute chalkboard that was done all added to a great look along with the pictures of the birthday girl and her crown.

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