A Closet Makeover!

ClosetBeforeandAfterI used to run into the same issue every time I would get ready to go anywhere: the dreaded “I have no clothes!” feeling followed by the whiny proclamation.  Of course this statement would be made while staring at tons of clothes in my closet.  However the real problem was…I just couldn’t easily find my clothes!  If I couldn’t see them plain as day in front of my face it was if they didn’t exist at all! Skirts were folded and tucked away somewhere, shirts were falling off of plastic hangers jammed between other shirts and getting my jeans down from the top shelf always resulted in an avalanche of denim.

But this is no longer the case!  Over the past week I decided to give my closet a mini makeover.  This meant organizing, clearing out clothes, and buying some essentials to have it all come together.

I must admit I have a decent size closet, but I just wasn’t utilizing it properly.  These problems included but were not limited to: plastic hangers, lack of a shoe rack, poor organization and non closet items taking up space.

closet beforebefore CollageTo start, I read some great posts about organizing your closet, you can find them here and here.   I then bought some items to help with the organization, these included wire shelf dividers, a hanging shoe organizer, and some non slip clothes hangers.  I bought these pretty blue/green hangers from HomeGoods because I loved the colors!

*Tip: always buy more hangers than you think you need, I had a hard time tracking these down again to purchase more.

Hangers1And while I used a majority of the tips provided (more on those later) I just couldn’t start the process by clearing out my whole closet!?!  This seemed too daunting of a task.  And where was I going to put everything?  I pictured myself stuck trying to escape from giant piles of clothing and shoes all over my bedroom, and way too many stubbed toes.  Therefore I started with the hanging clothes.  I picked up a hanging item, tossed the plastic hanger and moved it onto a pretty new no slip hanger, and repeated for what seamed like hours.  While doing so I organized my clothes by sections and color.  I made three piles, one for clothing to be tossed, one for clothing to be donated, and one for clothing that didn’t need to be hung (like sweaters).  This cleared out so much room!

*Hanging clothing by color was a huge help! Not only does it make the closet aesthetically pleasing but it makes it so much easier when I go to look for a certain dress or shirt!

On one side of my closet I put dresses followed by skirts and shorts, all arranged in sections by color (then by sleeve length).  I also remembered to hang as much clothing as possible, I used clip hangers for skirts and my dressier shorts.  On the other side of the closet I hung the shoe organizer (you know for all those flats, flip-flops and sneakers) and then my jeans followed by shirts (arranged by color and sleeve length).

*I found that the tip of hanging your jeans from shower curtain hooks was probably my favorite!  No more folding and unfolding jeans looking for the right pair!

jeanhooks2From there I put up the wire shelf dividers which really helped!  In the past I would always try to keep little piles of clothing on these top shelves but the piles would inevitably flop over.  These dividers keep your sweaters folded and organized and help to designate the different sections.  In the lower shelves I lined up my purses on one side and my hats on the other.  I also used storage boxes for scarves etc.

shelfdividersjeanhooks leftsidehatsThe last part of my closet makeover included hanging white floating shelving at the end of the closet, leaning a wood ladder for shoes and staging those items with shoes and accessories to give it a dressing room feel (including this free feather printable I found here).  I completed the look with a new rug and a blue cage/shade for the ceiling light.

shelvescloseup1shoeladderrightsideclosetafter3afterclosetmakeoverafterlclosetupdateNow I don’t have that overwhelming feeling when I enter my closet…and I actually have no problem leaving my closet door open and proudly displaying my newly organized closet/mini dressing room!



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