They Call Me Mellow Yellow – Step 1 of a Bedroom Makeover

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Sorry for the recent silence on the blog! I have been one busy lady as I have been in Michigan, and now currently in Washington, D.C enjoying the sights! However, in between these two trips I began the first step in the guest bedroom makeover of my parents’ house. This first step of course being paint!  Today I will show you how a few coats of paint can really transform a room.

First let’s take a look at what the guest bedroom looked like before.  This bedroom once belonged to me, and I confess I am the one responsible for the bright sun yellow paint color and application.  In high school I picked out this seizure inducing yellow, and painted the walls myself.  The camera does not fully capture the intensity of this yellow, but trust me it is like looking at the sun.


Sadly my poor high school judgement did not stop at the paint color, I had also taken to the wooden trim with my acrylics and painted vines all around my closet! Oh the horror!


I guess I always had a love of vines…


We decided to stick with a yellow for the new paint job, as it would be easier to cover, but this time chose a softer, more mellow yellow.  We ended up going from a bright sun yellow, to a moonlight yellow by Benjamin Moore.  And I absolutely love the color!


We chose a flat paint as it is the best at covering the many imperfections and bumps on the walls, as you can see below.  A majority of the holes came from removing the white shelving that once went all the way around the room.


I prepped the walls by filling in the holes with spackle, waiting for the spackle to dry, and then sanding them down.  Then it was time to give the walls a good washing.  This included removing those painted on vines! Luckily since it was acrylic paint the vines were able to be washed off with soap and water and a little elbow grease!

I gave the walls two coats of paint, and for the first time did not use painter’s tape!  I rolled as much of the walls as possible and then cut in twice before doing the second coat, allowing for drying time in between.  Any paint that I accidentally got on the trim or ceiling I quickly wiped off with a wet cloth that i kept nearby.  In the end I found this much easier than applying and removing painter’s tape, but of course everyone is different!

After the paint was dry and I stood back and looked at the room, I really loved the color choice and how much more relaxing the room already felt with a softer color on the walls!


moonlight3* The bedroom makeover has only just begun so stay tuned for DIY projects, furniture additions, accessory purchases and thrift shopping finds that are sure to be a part of the final reveal of this room!

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