World’s Longest Yard Sale – Kentucky

For the second part of our trip we decided to concentrate on Cambellsville and Frankfort, Kentucky.  I would like to say that it was a smooth transition from one state to the other, however that wouldn’t be entirely true.  Getting lost in rural Kentucky can be a little frustrating as the roads wind and the scenery repeats itself with barn after barn and cow after

The World’s Longest Yard Sale – Tennessee

We didn’t really know what to expect when we headed down south for the Longest Yard Sale.  We had an idea, sure, but we were newbies.  My mother, sister and I left from Connecticut and drove to Roanoke Virginia, after stopping at the Natural Bridge where we took pictures, and hiked about five miles, unintentionally.  Then we headed to Nashville where we spent two full days

Nashville – A Honky Tonk Good Time

I certainly wouldn’t be bashful if I was from Nashville.  What a great city, and what a fabulous time we had at our first stop on our road trip to the Longest Yard Sale! While Broadway Street is not very long, it took us a long time to walk it.  The fluorescent signs of every bar and honky-tonk light up your path and beg you to

All My Bags are Packed…

Only I am not leaving on a jet plane, rather driving 15 hours, but hey it is worth it! Can you imagine all of the amazing pieces I will find at the Longest Yard Sale?! Ok so what is this trip I keep talking about?Well if you are a flea market and yard sale lover like I am, then it is heaven! And if you