Apartment Tour – Mastering the Gallery Wall

Today I will be giving you a tour of an adorable apartment in Rochester, Michigan!  This apartment belongs to Jordan Ratcliff, whom you may remember from this Industrial Coffee Table post! She really is a crafty girl who has mastered yet another talent – creating the perfect Gallery Wall! If homes are a reflection of personalities then Jordan really hit the nail on the head

A Few Days in D.C.

A few weeks ago, Jim and I spent a few days in Washington D.C., Jim had a work conference and I decided to tag along.  It had been since 8th grade that I had seen our nation’s capital, and it was the first time ever for Jim.   We visited Dupont Circle, where our hotel was located, Downtown for the monuments and the Smithsonian, and

Sneak Peek – Gatsby Party – The Photo Booth

Hey old sport! Ok, so I sort of have an obsession with creating “photo booths”, or areas that aren’t technically photo booths, but close enough! And really when you think about it, what is a party without any pictures? In this picture obsessed generation (guilty!), it only seems right. For this sneak peek I’m going to show you how I made this photo booth out