Sneak Peek – Gatsby Party – The Photo Props

prop header

What good is a photo booth without some great props?  I don’t know about you, but I love any excuse to dress up and act silly in front of the camera!  Props are also useful as added decor to a party, especially a roaring twenties party because the style was just so great!

Since my party is going to be held in the pool area, I used an old hutch/entertainment unit as a makeshift prop area next to the photo booth.  As you can see there was really nothing to it before.


Therefore, I laid a piece of shiny fabric to cover the wood, and added a round mirror to the back, so that guests can check their appearance before posing for pictures! Then I began adding all of the great accessories and props I’ve picked up during my planning process! As you can see these include an old cigar box, along with a couple of hats, suspenders, bow ties, boas and pearls (Party City), mixed in with a few thrift shop pieces like a couple pairs of shoes, a tassel necklace and a cloche hat.  I hung some of the accessories next to the mirror by adding some hooks on either side.  Just as I was saying I wish I had something to prop the hats on, my mother had the genius idea of using candlesticks!


Also, as a surprise my mother asked my grandmother to send some old black and white family pictures! Many of these pictures were of my grandmother and great-grandmother when they were young.  It was such a treat to look through the stacks of pictures and portraits that were sent!  We placed these pictures in frames we already had, or bought inexpensive ones to fill in, and I can’t wait to add them around for that extra touch!

old pics

Below are a few of the pictures mixed in with the props, really tying it all together.


The final touch will be the adorable flapper headbands that my sister and I made (mainly my sister)!   She will be bringing these home with her for the party and I just can’t wait to add them in with everything else!

close up prop sign


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