Sneak Peek – Gatsby Party – The Photo Booth


Hey old sport! Ok, so I sort of have an obsession with creating “photo booths”, or areas that aren’t technically photo booths, but close enough! And really when you think about it, what is a party without any pictures? In this picture obsessed generation (guilty!), it only seems right.

For this sneak peek I’m going to show you how I made this photo booth out of some old doors, and some great accessories.  Let me start off by saying, my father saves everything, and I mean everything! This includes our old roller skates, any parts from toys, hinges, knobs, pretty much anything he thinks he can reuse in some way later.  Luckily, he saved the old bedroom doors from my house growing up, which made the perfect backdrop to the speakeasy type vignette I wanted!

beforegarageAs you can see, these doors are pretty beat up.  They are scratched and have holes from where the door knobs used to be.  However, this didn’t concern me much as I wasn’t looking for perfection, and I knew I could easily cover those major holes and scratches.  As I was inspecting the doors I even noticed a nice little carving I made when I was younger (see below), my parent’s must have been delighted!


I had my father hinge the three doors together (he obviously saved the old hinges), this way they could open or close pretty easily, creating a photo nook.  For simple decoration, I found a sign in Google Images that reads “Closed for Violation of National Prohibition Act”.  I printed out 20 copies of this sign at home, and just taped them haphazardly all over the doors the way it might look back then, when bars and saloons had closed signs on them, though it didn’t stop them from drinking or opening up secret speakeasies!

We then jerry rigged a light from Target ($5) to hang down the middle of the photo booth.  This worked out great because the area I wanted the photo booth was in front of a set of windows.  Therefore, we were able to run the light cord from inside the house, through the top of the window to the outside.  We then secured the light above the vignette area (on the underside of the roof) with some strong tape.

the light

Then it was on to the accessorizing! I placed a chair I picked up from our Longest Yard Sale trip, next to an old circle table.  I then jazzed up this area with a boa, some pearls, a candle stick phone and an old ashtray I got from the Good Will!  Oh and let’s not forget a paper wrapped mason jar!


close upphotoboothlight

I will be placing a tripod and camera a few feet away, and hopefully my party guests will be taking turns getting all gussied up and posing for pictures!

*Check back in later for another sneak peek at the accessory section for the photo booth!

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