Sneak Peek – Gatsby Party – The Original Koozie


Hey dollface! It’s Gatsby week, and I’m going to show you a few of the party details I am working on in preparation for this weekend’s party!

This first sneak peek is of the original koozie, aka a mason jar wrapped in a paper bag!  This detail is so simple that in just a few short steps you will have cute decor and the perfect accessory to hide your giggle juice!


Mason Jars (sold at grocery and craft stores, usually $1 a piece)

Brown Paper Bags/Lunch Bags (Dollar Store)


Twine (I used cooking twine!)



Line up your paper bag with the mason jar and make a cut where the top of the jar stops

Move jar and continue to cut across the bag

Place jar inside the cut bag and form/crinkle it around the glass

Cut the twine and wrap it around the top of the glass a few times, tie and let it hang loose

Fold the excess paper down (so people can drink!)





If you are throwing a speakeasy or roaring twenties party of your own, you can really get crazy with the brown paper bags and wrap bottles of whiskey, gin, and even beer bottles!

* Be sure to check back in to see more sneak peeks of the party details!


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