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So Cambridge has an indoor Antique Market, who knew? No really, who knew? Please confess.  I surely did not know, and neither did my mother when I dragged her there with me yesterday.  The Cambridge Antique Market is located in East Cambridge, close to the Museum of Science, and is also within walking distance to my apartment.  Mind blown.

The Cambridge Antique Market, which I will now refer to as CAM, is an indoor market with 5 floors and over 150 dealer spaces offering everything you could imagine from outdoor flea markets mixed with the pieces you would find at expensive antique stores.  Did I mention this place has FIVE FLOORS? If you plan on going here (which I highly recommend), then block off a good three hours for perusing.

On the first floor there is a ton of jewelry in glass cases, with prices ranging widely.

You can find cheaper items like the ones below for around $20:


Or more pricey jewelry items like the ones below for $500.  I fell in love with the bracelet for my wedding, and considered buying it until I saw the price tag, and that it was sold in a set.


Now of course there were glasses, all of which you may be able to find for the same price if not cheaper at the Good Will, but at the GW you would have to dig for the random glasses.  The selections here are much bigger, and many are sold in sets.  I wanted them all.


For example, a set of six glass sundae dishes were sold for $12, so we bought them and I took two, and my mom kept the remaining four.  I guess I will have to keep some more ice cream in stock so these cute dishes don’t go to waste…


Along with all of the bottles, crates, tins etc. that are being sold, there are also a few booths selling mainly vintage clothing and accessories.   For example, this leather clutch I picked up for around $20.


I also fell in love with amazing mid-century floor lamps, but at $800 for the larger and $385 for the smaller they just weren’t in my budget.


The basement of the store is where you will find the bigger items like table sets, furniture, and even  bikes (which all got great reviews online)!



Now let me break this place down a little further for you via pros and cons:


One stop shopping for vintage, antique and thrift shop lovers

It is indoor, perfect place to spend some time on a rainy day, or a hot day…

There are generally discounts set forth by each vendor

If you pay cash you may get a small discount, so I have read, we used a credit card and did not bargain

There is a lot of everything, jewelry, books, records, furniture, bikes, knick knacks, paddy whacks…

You can use a credit card

They can deliver your furniture if needed

The dealers will bring your purchases down to the register while you shop

There is an elevator (I did not test this out however)

The people are helpful and nice


Not everything is an antique or vintage, there is definitely some junk mixed in too

Some booths are very crammed and cluttered

With discounts built-in you are paying a fair price (think eBay), without it you are not

Dealers/Attendants are not usually around or in their booths for questions etc.

Tips: Try paying cash and seeing if you can get a better price, if you are looking for a specific piece then shop the whole store first as some dealers may have the same exact item priced for less, eat first as you will spend more time in there than you think.

antiquessign2Everything considered, I think the pros outweigh the cons and I would highly recommend this place to any of my Boston friends, and I look forward to going back.

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