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Everyone knows the idiom “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” but not everyone may take it literally, as I did.  I rescued this beat up old hutch from the side of the road, and with a little help brought it back to our apartment (which my boyfriend was not happy about).  For months this sad, heavy piece was blocking closets and taking up space, until recently when I lugged it out on our balcony and gave it a purpose.  Or at the very least, a much-needed makeover.

This first project is as basic as it gets, with a big reward. I started by covering the floor of our balcony with a drop cloth.  I then grabbed some sandpaper (150 and 220 grit), a roller, a paintbrush and some left over paint.  Note: I used a paint and primer in one as I knew I would be distressing at the end, and this was a quick fix, that didn’t need to be perfect. Luckily this paint is one of my favorite colors, yellow.  I often use yellows for accent colors so I know whatever I do with my balcony, this color will always work.

I began by sanding with the 150 grit paper, wiping it down and cutting in, you know all those annoying tiny areas that the roller can’t reach.  Then I got to the rolling, in which you’ll want to keep your roller wet with paint, if it is too dry you will just be pulling off the paint you just rolled on.  This first coat does not have to be perfect.  It is okay to see some brush strokes here, you will be covering them with your second coat.  Quick tip – covering your brushes/rollers in plastic or aluminum foil will save them from drying up and you from cleaning them between coats, and you can even pop your paint covered supplies in the fridge overnight so they stay fresh! 

After the first coat was dry I went over it lightly with the 220 grit sandpaper, and wiped it down (tack cloths are preferable here, or use a lightly moistened cloth).  On to the second coat, this is where you will want to do another light coat, and make sure everything is covered nicely.  I let it dry overnight before finishing with a light distressing.  Quick tip – use the sandpaper to distress anywhere that would normally be worn down first like corners and edges, this makes it look more natural.

But enough of all that, on to the pictures!




As you can see I dressed up my new hutch with fresh flowers, and a fabric banner.  However, I have big plans for my little balcony and I am sure I will be using this hutch for drinks and entertaining as well.

The moral of the story here, next time you pass a piece of furniture on the side of the road, pick it up! You never know what you can do with it!

Note: I will be heading to The Longest Yard Sale next week where I will be sure to find plenty of trash to turn into treasures! So stay tuned!


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