Old & New – The Pieces of the Room

Room Pieces CollageOk so now that the guest bedroom makeover has been completed, I can share with you where I found some of the great pieces used in the room!  You may remember my inspiration board that I used as a design guide for color and design choices (see below).  Well it proved to be very helpful, not that I actually used any of the items that I listed.  But I knew I most likely wouldn’t, although they were beautiful pieces from some of my favorite stores, I just didn’t have the budget for them.  And why pay top dollar when you can create a similar look by thrift shopping…and heading to Target!

Guest Bedroom Idea Board

Let’s start with the bed.  Remember that gorgeous headboard (1.)?  Well, it is from Pier 1 and on sale for $179.99, not a bad price! But while shopping at the Good Will I came across this metal beauty, with swirling and curved floral details that give the same feel as the Pier 1 headboard, so I picked it up…for only $30!

Oh did I mention it was this gold color?


But two coats of white spray paint and a little distressing gave it the shabby chic look I was going for!

headboard3headboard2I was really wanting a white headboard with a white bedspread to give it that soft, clean and airy look that just makes you want to crawl right in! It was that feeling that made me fall in love with the Pottery Barn Ruched Duvet Cover and Shams (6.), but as $237 I decided to check out Target instead.  And that is when everything got a whole lot better.  I found a shabby chic comforter and two shams, not just a duvet cover, for $89.99!  I also found an orange pillow for $24.99 to use as an accent color, as opposed to the Nordstrom pillow (14.).

From there I headed to Marshalls HomeGoods and found two more throw pillows!  The bird pillow I ended up using was $24.99 and the soft yellow pillow was only $14.99!  I was still able to bring colors and texture without spending the $29 on the round yellow pillow (8), and bring the bird outline onto the bed without spending $39 at West Elm (7.)! The last thing the bed needed was that darker pop of blue in a soft throw blanket!  The ribbed throw (13.) from Pier 1 was $60, while an almost identical throw blanket at Target was only $27.

The bed was complete!


While I really wanted (and may still add) a vintage looking chandelier to hang above the bed (2.), I just didn’t come across any at a reasonable price in my search! Instead I opted to bring more pattern and the secondary blue color in with this lampshade I got from Target as well for $16.99!

As you can tell I initially wanted a woven rug (9.) from Target, but ended up having to decide from two when I saw the blue damask rug!


Once I had set the blue rug down, I didn’t even bother with the other one as I loved how the blue popped against the white bed.  I also liked how soft it was on my feet!  Clearly the damask rug won out at $99!


And lastly, onto the corner/nook area of the bedroom.  I knew from the start that I wanted a pattern chair to rest in that corner, and I was drawn to the colors and boldness of the armless West Elm chevron chair (10.), but not the price $549.  So when I saw this armless bold blue and white Ikat pattern chair at Target for only $130, I knew I had to have it.  I love mixing patterns in the same color family!  Same goes for the bird lampshade from Target which brought in the light and dark shades of blue as well as the orange accent! At $24.99 it was certainly a lot less expensive than the Anthropologie lampshade (12.) at $118!


The corner was completed with more thrift shop pieces including the side table that was spray painted white, and the brass mirror that I found for only $5.99!

As you can tell, it helps to have an idea of what you want even if the items are out of your price range! Just know that you can attain the same look (or a semblance of it) by keeping an eye out for bargains, thrift shopping and a little elbow grease!


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