Non Buyer’s Remorse – Antiquing in Vermont

antiquesNot only is Vermont one of the prettiest states, it is also one of the best states to find antiques!  Driving through the quaint towns it is hard not stop every time I pass an Antique sign, and believe me, there are many!  But the one shop I keep coming back to is, William Austin’s Antiques, in Chester, Vermont.


On a recent trip back from the green mountain state, my mother and I pulled into the house like store with the giant wooden carved bear on the outside.  Neither one of us were looking for anything in particular, and for that reason I am sad to say that we both left empty-handed. Yes, yes, I know.  It felt weird.

Now maybe this post is a way to assuage the non buyer’s remorse I am feeling, but just take a look at all of the pretty things from the 15 different show rooms!

Have I ever mentioned that I love old radios? I think I need to start a collection.


But why does it have to stop at radios…


Oh and tea cups too, who doesn’t love vintage tea cups?


Ok, now I remember why we left empty-handed.  It was hard to choose just one item, and at an antique shop like this, one item would be all I could justify purchasing.  Better to feel non buyer’s remorse than buyer’s remorse, right? RIGHT??

Antiques stores are historically much more expensive than your run of the mill thrift shops.  Everything in these antique shops are beautifully restored and maintained.  Not much to DIY in these places, but it is amazing to look at.

Especially if there is an old-fashioned soda fountain right in the store!


So next time you are in Vermont, please stop in at this place, or any of the numerous antique stores you may pass on your way! Oh and don’t forget to send me pics of what you find! I promise I won’t be jealous…

And I promise I won’t drive back up there now just to buy something…


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