My Home for the Holidays


We finally got around to putting up our Christmas decorations over the past few days, and it has really made all of the difference.  It finally feels like Christmas in our apartment!  My decorations this year have a vintage feel with reds, greens and old Coca Cola pieces mixed in with silvers, burlap and lots of lights lights lights!

Let’s start out with my favorite part, the Tree!  I wrapped burlap pieces around the tree and mixed those in with some icicle branches.  I also painted the words “peace” “love” and “joy” on pieces of brown paper bags and mixed those in with the burlap as well.   Not exactly Rockefeller Center, but it works for us in our space.

wide1iceskates2christmasradiopeacexmaslove2joy3Putting the tree in the book nook really gives it a cozy feeling and I love sipping hot chocolate next to the tree while flipping through some holiday magazines!

christmas4sidetablechristmas3Conveniently placed on the opposite wall of the nook is the bar area, which was subtly decorated for the season as well.  Can’t wait to mix up some holiday cocktails here!


The rest of the apartment just has little touches of Christmas decor to keep the flow throughout.

bikesanta3lightswreathlightscandletinwagonLastly, lighting up the balcony really helped tie the open space all together.

outsidelights4Though we won’t be out there much this season the lights through the windows really makes an impact, and if you can stand the cold for very long, the view looking in on the tree isn’t that bad either!outsidebalconyI hope you enjoyed having a glimpse into our home for the holidays!

wide2I would love to give tours of your homes for the holidays! Send pictures of your festively decorated spaces to to be featured on the blog!


  1. ms c says

    I love the idea of using paper bags with words written on them. The rolls of paper ribbon is costly for the amount you get. Love the red ice skate ornaments and the old bike on the wall decorated for the season. Come decorate my tree.

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