Let’s Table This – Refurbished Coffee Table


One of the good things about moving in with a significant other is – all of the doubles in furniture, especially if you are a DIYer and furniture hoader like myself ūüėČ Instead of giving away, throwing out or selling this old, plain black coffee table as it was, I decided to refurbish it, and make more money on it than we would have initially. Win, Win.


Once I decided we would have no space or use for the plain, old and frankly too small black coffee table in the new dream apartment I was decorating in my head, I decided to spruce it up and sell it! I knew that since the table was pretty simple as it was, there wasn’t much that I could do to it to set it apart. That is until I remembered that chalkboard paint is pretty much the coolest invention in DIY tools out there. ¬†The all over black look was a little too outdated and boring for me, so I decided I would paint the bottom white, and distress it to bring out the small details that weren’t really noticeable before, for instance the rope like trim below the drawers.

I first started by lugging this old thing to my parent’s garage (which they were thrilled about), and got to work on lightly sanding it down with 100 grit sandpaper, then wiping off the dust with a tack cloth. To keep the very top separate and clean of white spray paint, I layered it in newspaper and taped it down flat, creating as straight of an edge as possible, without going over. Now bring on the spray paint! Two coats of Valspar flat white paint in a well ventilated area (allowing time to dry in between) and it was set in a jiffy! ¬†Next I took the newspaper and tape off of the top and I began covering the bottom portion so when I sprayed the top with the chalkboard paint, none would get on the bottom. ¬†It is all about protection people! ¬†Another swipe with the tack cloth and it was go time for the chalkboard top! ¬†Again you want to create as straight of a line as possible around the top. ¬†I ended up using about three light coats of Krylon Chalkboard Aerosol Spray, as after the second coat I noticed light drips that needed to be covered. ¬†After letting dry overnight I removed the newspaper and tape from the bottom and stood in awe of the easy transformation.

*Be sure to read the instructions for spraying as it gives tips on getting full coverage.  Before using as a chalkboard lightly rub a piece of chalk across the top and wipe down, then doodle away!

I was really going for a table that could sit easily in a living room and look sophisticated, but was also kid friendly.  The young mother who ended up buying this from me said this is what attracted her to the table as well! Win, win, win.

Table3 Collage

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