How Bizarre – The Vintage Bazaar

vinatgesigncollageOk so The Vintage Bazaar, held semiannually at The Pettengill Farm, is not exactly bizarre, but the song has been stuck in my head since attending this outdoor event yesterday!  And maybe it is stuck in your head now too.  The Vintage Bazaar is comprised of over 130 vendor tents, live music, and a few food trucks mixed in the landscape of antique, vintage and handmade items! What more could you ask for?

farmsignThe Pettengill Farm, located in Salisbury, MA is 60 acres of beautiful scenery with a historic flower farm and greenhouses surrounding a restored farmhouse that my grown up dreams are made of! The perfect spot to host the bazaar, and on a perfect day of clear skies.  In fact, Autumn really was in the air, and on many a signs!

autumncollagepumpkinpatchVendor tents lined the grass on both sides of the flower farm, and they were stocked with plenty of handmade items, vintage clothing and decor, and some great repurposed and salvaged pieces!


simplicity collagechevrolet benchAnd if you got tired from all of the shopping, there were a few strategically placed food trucks and snack tents to give you a needed boost!

truckvendorscollageOr to remind you of the great flavors of fall…

muffincollageThere were numerous items I wanted to buy, like this old laundry cart (to turn into a table), or some rustic metal letters (why do they never have both a J and a C?!).

didntbuycolInstead, I ended up with an oil face cleanser from Wunder Budder, a local vendor, as well as this great rustic chandelier from another local vendor.  Both items were $20.

chandelierThe biggest purchase of the day probably went to whoever bought this adorable camper.  Who wouldn’t love to go glamping in this?

glampercollageAfter hours of browsing the various tents and enjoying all of the varieties of the day, I can’t help but look forward to what the Vintage Bazaar has to offer in June!

sistersHow bizarre.


  1. says

    It was amazing weather and I wish I’d had about two more hours there. I picked up that chandelier too but decided I didn’t have the spot for it. Glad you got it. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Terry ----Good Juju says

    What a fabulous event, and I was so pleased to be a part of it! Devon and her crew make this one of the top shows in New England! Best wishes and Good Juju to all !!!! xo, Terry

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