Halloween Party Tutorials – A Witch’s Curtain

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Halloween is just one week away! Can you believe it? I have been so busy that one of my favorite holidays has crept up on me without warning! To make the most of the week that remains before All Hallows’ Eve I will be showing you some DIY Halloween Party Tutorials taken from my very own Halloween party from last year! Whether you are planning on going all out by throwing a Halloween Spooktacular, or simply trying to spook up your home for trick or treaters, these simple DIY projects will eerily set the scene!

First up: The Witch’s Curtain!


Creating a Witch’s Curtain for party guests or trick or treaters to walk through is one of the easiest decorations you can make for Halloween! And it really makes an impact!

All you need is a few large black plastic bags, scissors, and tape, tacks or a stapler to hang the curtain.  I used a stapler and decided to deal with the consequences after, though I do not recommend this method, especially for renters!

Lay the plastic bag down with the opening closest to you.  Cut long thin strips (it is fine if they are uneven or vary in thickness) and stop about an inch or two from the top of the bag (the closed end).

Cut along the side seam of the bag and unfold, this will lengthen your plastic bag.

Pull lightly on the strips to stretch and elongate the curtain and create a creepy look!  You can wait to hang your curtain before pulling on the strips or you can try it while it is still on the floor.  I hung mine first and then stretched the strips to create the look.

* Some of the strips may break off if you pull too hard, however I just tied these in a knot back onto the curtain and it still looked great!

** To add even more creep to your curtain, go ahead and add spider webs, or put spider rings through the strips like I did!


You can hang these curtains in any entry ways or openings inside your home for a party, or take and hang this DIY project outside and let it blow in the breeze like Martha Stewart did!


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