Halloween Home Tour

I must admit I love Halloween, and considering Halloween is tomorrow (and that I am a perpetual procrastinator) I figured I would finally share some of the little ways I added Halloween decor to our home.fall-front-porch-2The front porch was all ready for Fall with my pumpkin obsession going strong and my mums finally blooming orange, so I just added a few little fun details!
halloween-front-porch-1Like these cute Halloween bag luminaries I found at HomeGoods maybe a year or so ago, before we owned a house…I don’t know what I thought I would do with them in our apartment, but glad I held onto them!halloween-luminariesI can’t wait to see them lit up at night!  I also broke out one of my white spray painted branches to hang some skeletons, spiders and spider webs.  Those branches really come in handy for every holiday!halloween-skeleton And when you really don’t have that much outdoor decor, why not add a creepy werewolf hand (from your husband’s previous costume) to your porch display? halloween-porch-3This little hutch area is forever changing with decor and plants, but here is one of the many versions of this area.  Once again this is where old DIY projects come in handy like that boo sign (made of scrap wood and circle wood scraps), and my pumpkin patch sign.  fall-hutchOnce inside the Halloween decor pops up in little places all over as well.  halloween-chalkboardLike this new coffee bar area I created in our kitchen.halloween-coffee-bar-5Thanks to Target this cute orange and black pom pom garland added just a little bit of fun to this area.  halloween-coffee-barOur kitchen table gets dressed for the holiday as well, it’s just so much more fun eating dinner with a spooky display.  halloween-table-5halloween-table-3halloween-table-4Our fireplace and mantel were already decorated for Fall, so I just decided to add a couple of little changes.  These included the bat garland, spiders, a creepy vintage Edgar Allan Poe book (quite fitting, yet also disturbing that I happen to own) and a couple of skeletons added in the lanterns.  Easy enough that I can take these things down without disturbing the Fall set up afterwardshalloween-mantelhalloween-mantel-3halloween-mantel-4And when you are cuddled up next to the fire reading this scary book, why not grab a fun skeleton glass of wine from the bar!fall-barLastly, since I love creating tablescapes (even without having the company to enjoy them) I did a little mock Halloween/ Fall table in our dining room. fall-dining-room-1fall-dining-table-7fall-dining-table-4This table will be cleared for pumpkin carving soon, and I can’t wait!

Happy Halloween everyone!!



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