Guest DIY Blogger Series: Styles by Holly


Wine is a pretty big staple for the holiday season, it warms you up from the cold, it gets served with meals, and gets gifted for parties.   With all that wine going around it helps to have wine charms to identify people’s glasses….ok and they are really cute and fun too!  They also make a perfect hostess gift!  With today’s DIY tutorial I will show you how I made these festive wine charms.  You can make yours fit the holidays in terms of colors and accessories, or you can make them more basic to last all year round!


Tip – you will need a wine glass handy while you craft, so why not fill it up!


Ok let’s get started.  You will need the below supplies, which you can find at Michaels or Joann’s:

30 mm Silver Hoop with loop earrings

Charms (I used reindeer charms, bells and beads)



Then simply add your beads, charms, and bells to the open end of the hoops!  When you are done, just use your pliers to bend the end of the hoop enough to fit through the looped end.   Easy as that!

closeupgoldreindeerAnd don’t forget to have fun with it!  Make sure to vary all of your charms so no two are the same!



This DIY project is fun, takes only a short amount of time, and is the gift that keeps on giving!  Pair a bottle of wine with some wine charms as a gift for the holidays, a hostess gift, or you may be tempted to just keep them for yourself!  Either way, happy crafting!


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