Guest DIY Blogger Series: Styles by Holly


Since, like my sister, I am a huge fan of DIY projects, I decided to add a little rustic flair to my Christmas tree this year by making these super easy ornaments.  So turn on your Christmas music and get out your craft supplies, it is time to trim the tree!

Pinecone Ornaments 


Materials:  Jute Twine, White Acrylic Paint, Scented Pinecones, Ribbon, Paintbrushes, Glue Gun

Directions:  Paint the ends of each pinecone layer with a little white paint so as to look like snow on the ends, I did one side then let it dry flat, and then did the other (only needed one layer of paint).  After it dried I glued the jute twine to the top with a glue gun.  I kept some like this and others I tied some satin ribbon around for an added effect.  There is a similar tutorial here (which does not include the painted ends).

Glass Ornaments


Materials:  Clear Glass Ornaments, Fake Snow (Epsom Salt or Sea Salt), Twine, Mod Podge

Directions:  Take the ornament top off and fill the it with fake snow (or you can use Epsom salt or sea salt).  I wanted a rustic theme to keep with the pinecones and twine so I filled the ornament halfway with snow then added a long piece of jute twine which curled in the ornament.  Add the top back and voila! Super easy.  You can find similar tutorials here, I modified some and switched out the materials. But there are plenty of great ideas out there to try!
I also loved the look of the twine so much I decided to make some with just the twine and no snow.
The last variation on these glass ornaments included using just Mod Podge and fake snow on the outside.  This was probably my least favorite ornament to make as it got a little messy.  Take the glass ornament and heavily apply Mod Podge, then swirl it in the fake snow, let dry and repeat layers where needed.
Twine Wrapped Ornaments
Materials: 3 inch Styrofoam Balls, Jute Twine, Glue Gun

Directions:  I used the 3 inch Styrofoam balls and starting at the bottom wrapping jute twine all the way around, glueing frequently with the hot glue gun.  I continued to glue all the way until the whole ball was covered and finished at the top.  Afterwards I cut a short piece of the twine and hot glued it to the top of the ornament to create a little hook.

When I was done, I couldn’t wait to hang my new ornaments on the tree!



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