Guest DIY Blogger Series: Styles by Holly

newglass Collage

Remember my sister’s Great Gatsby Party? Of course you do! Well then you probably remember those silver and gold glittery champagne glasses!  Yup, I made those.  And I will show you how easy it was with this simple DIY Tutorial.

1.)  Pick up some pretty but inexpensive glasses.  We found ours from the Good Will, and the prices ranged from 50 cents to $1.  We liked the look of having mismatched glasses, with a vintage flair.

2.)  Use Glitter Acrylic Craft Paint.  I used Martha Stewart Glitter Paint in Antique Silver and Florentine Gold.  You can find these and many other colors at your local crafts store.


3.)  Clean glasses with soap and water.  Make sure to scrub off any glue, tape or remnants from the price tag.

4.)  Wipe down area to be painted with rubbing alcohol.

5.)  Tape of areas that do not need paint.  This step is more precautionary, and not always necessary.  This will depend on where you want to stop the glitter.  Our glasses had glitter all along the stem and base.


6.)  Paint a light coat of glitter with a foam brush.  I then flipped the glasses over and painted the bottom.

7.)  Let dry one hour.  Tip – you can place your foam brush in a plastic bag between coats so that it doesn’t dry out.

8.)  Paint additional coats.  Our glasses required four coats to reach the desired look.  This will vary depending on how opaque you want the paint.


9.)  Let dry.  I let our glasses sit overnight, but they will most likely be dry within an hour.  (The glasses will also air cure after 21 days.  For non metallic paints – many can be placed in a cool oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes).  Tip – an x-acto knife is helpful to cut around and create a level paint line.

10.)  Enjoy your beautiful new glasses!  Sip on your champagne, or wine in style with your fun new glasses!  Trust me, it will taste all the better knowing that a simple DIY technique made your glasses go from gloom to glam!


* These glasses are perfect for parties, (especially New Years parties), a housewarming gift, or as bridesmaids gifts!  The possibilities are endless!

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