Guest DIY Blogger Series: Styles by Holly

Headbands HeaderI am very excited to be back as a guest blogger for my sister, this time with another DIY accessory tutorial! Everyone (including my sister) seems to be loving the Great Gatsby movie these days, and have therefore been revisiting a lot of the styles from the 1920’s.  In just a week Jodi will be hosting her very own roaring 20’s birthday party, so we figured, why not make our own headbands? In fact, we made so many that there will plenty available for most of the girl guests (or daring boys)!  These headbands turned out so cute, that we have been considering adding them to our regular headband rotation.  So get your glue gun and glitzy materials ready, it is time to go back to the jazz era.

If you are a crafter or DIYer you likely have most of this stuff in your house.  I had more than enough materials to make over 15 headbands just from what I have from my jewelry supplies and other craft projects.  I gathered supplies such as rhinestones, lace, FOE elastic, 3/8″ elastic, a glue gun, E6000 glue, feathers, felt, and a sewing machine (if you have one) as this sometimes works better than glue.  After my supplies were gathered, I sat and waited in anticipation for my sister to arrive so we could get to our projects!
The first step was to play some jazzy type music, we used the Great Gatsby soundtrack.  The next step was to make the actual stretch headband (or you can buy the already made ones).  We made these easily by measuring your headsize and then cutting your elastic to that length.   We are going to be wearing many of the headbands across the forehead, so we measured from the middle of the forehead to the lower back of the head.  You can use a tape measure if you like,  but we just cut one were it met in the back of the head.  Next, we used the hot glue gun to seal the ends together and took an extra piece of elastic and wrapped it around this area to hide the ends and glued the piece down on both ends.  Some of the elastic I quickly ran through the sewing machine to make it extra secure, but glue works fine too.  In order to make the headbands with lace,(that is not stretch lace), we cut the lace at a length that went about 7/8 of the way around the head. Then we folded over the lace twice to hide the ends and glue (do for both sides).  Next, take a piece of stretch elastic and glue to the underside of each end.  This will allow the headband to stretch (very important).


Then it was time for the fun part…DECORATING!  We took a headband and decorated it with feathers, rhinestones, etc.  I also had a bunch of fabric and artificial flowers laying around that we used and jazzed up by just gluing down rhinestones to the center.  I recommend using the E6000 for this part because it holds better than the hot glue gun.  On some of the headbands we decorated by just gluing rhinestones to the band others we glued feathers down first and then added a larger rhinestone, bow, or flower to cover up the feather ends.  Whenever gluing something larger such as a flower, or heavier rhinestone, be sure to put a backing of felt behind the headband.  This will make the headband more secure.  For example when adding a flower, I would first glue the flower to the headband then once dry glue piece of felt to the back of the headband that also touches the flower.
After we exhausted the possibilities of a traditional style flapper headband, we decided to use some chain! When doing so you need to first measure the circumference of your head (can even go 1″ shorter).  To make it stretch, I attached a small hair elastic by using a jump ring on either side of the chain.  Then, you can get to work jazzing (pun intended) it up with by hanging things off of  the chain with jump rings! We used beads, tassels etc.
Honestly we could have done this for hours without repeating a single style, the possibilities are endless!  This is the perfect DIY project for anyone heading to a Gatsby party, to use for a Halloween costume (as I am sure flapper styles will be even bigger this year), or to dare to wear any old day of the week (trust me some are so cute you may see me or my sister sporting them soon)!


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