Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Ok folks, the time has come.  The walls have been painted, the vines have been scraped off the trim, and the glow in the dark stars have been peeled off of the ceiling.  From there I searched to find the perfect pieces (using my inspiration board as a guide) at inexpensive prices, made a rustic shelf, and shopped my parent’s house for the rest, and I can finally say…the room. is. done.

But before we take a look at the new and improved room, let’s take a look at some BEFORE pictures. Keep in mind that this was my old bedroom, so the paint color, vines, and glow in the dark ceiling stars (which luckily don’t appear in the photos) were all put in place by yours truly, in my high school days.  These pictures were taken after we lugged the cream carpet, shelving, Beatles posters and old TV stand out of the room.  What was left was an unused room with a bed and a few stray lamps.

barebedroomtextcornernookbeforetextwindowwallandbedtextclosetwallbeforetextAnd now the AFTER photos, you know the ones you can look at without embarrassment, or  sunglasses…


I decided to angle the bed coming out of the corner of the room, because frankly it looked awkward and took up too much space anywhere else.  Also I like the idea of the bed facing the door, and seeing it as soon as you walk in the room.




And as you know, I am a sucker for corners/nooks of rooms.  Therefore, by adding a patterned chair, tall lamp, side table and handmade shelf in the other corner of the room, I made a little nookish type area that can be perfect for a guest to read, or even watch tv as it faces the screen as well.

cornernookcornernook2shelf3booksonshelfbedroom7candleoldbooksAnd lastly, the closet…

closetsideYou know how you see those closets turned into offices or nooks all over Pinterest?  Well, if you are like me you are wondering who on earth has a spare closet to just give up?  Where do they keep their extra coats, clothes, and shoes?! Well, I found the answer.  It is at your parent’s house.  After the kids are grown up and moved out! This spare closet in the guest bedroom was the perfect spot to turn into a little office nook for any guest, and even more perfect for my parents to store their computer, printer and even some crafts!


Ta da! The room has been revealed! But stay tuned in the coming days to find out how and where I chose the pieces for this room, how to turn your own closet into an office area, and how to make a super easy diy rustic shelf!


  1. Diane says

    That room looks fantastic!! Love the closet idea. How did you get the stars off the ceiling? My spare room has them and everyone I tried to peel off took some of the paper layer of drywall with it.

  2. says

    Thanks everyone!

    Diane – Luckily the stars were so old that they were already starting to peel off of the wall, but I think because it is a bumpy popcorn ceiling it didn’t really take any of it off. I definitely had to use my nails on some though! There is one tiny little rogue star left that i just can’t seem to find when I turn the lights on though!

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