Give Thanks – DIY Wooden Sign & Giveaway!


Considering Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away I decided to host a Facebook giveaway to show my gratitude for all of my wonderful followers! Therefore today I will be showing you how to make seasonal inspired signs, and one Twine & Vines Facebook follower will win this “Give Thanks” hand painted wooden plaque!

First let me show you how quickly and inexpensively you could add decor to your home to fit the season.  I painted this rustic and simple sign just in time for the season of giving!  You can find wooden plaques like these at your local Michael’s craft store! The possibilities with these log slices are endless and I can’t wait to create more with them!

To begin, I grabbed one of the wooden plaques, and decided to use it the long way.

logsliceI placed down a towel and got out some plates for mixing, and my brushes and acrylic paints.

suppliesI then sketched out a design that would take up a good amount of the sign lengthwise, which is how I ended up with the acorn (seasonal) and the decision to have the words wrap around it.  I like to use picmonkey or plain old Microsoft word to find fonts that I like, and then I just copy what I see.  I have yet to use stencils as I really enjoy the freehand of it.

logslicesketchThen it was time for the fun part, painting!  Although I had grabbed all of my fall like paints, I decided to keep this sign pretty simple, and use neutral colors.  Using my most narrow brush I started with the letters, and then moved onto the outline of the acorn.


blackandwhite I mixed varying shades of brown for the acorn, and the painting was finished in a jiiffy!  Once dry I did decide to go back over some areas with the black paint to give it more of a sketch like feel.

woodenlogsignOnce the paint was completely dry, I used a few coats of clear gloss spray paint to seal everything and protect the sign.  This helped to give the raw wood a nice finish while protecting the raw bark on the outside from chipping off as much.

clearglossWhat do you think?  Hopefully it will fit nicely in one of your homes!

logsign2Don’t worry I attached wire and nails in the back of the sign for easy wall hanging!

plaquefromsideBut this sign can really fit with most decor, and in most spaces in your home!




TO ENTER: Head over to Facebook and “Like” my page (if you haven’t done so already), and then SHARE the Facebook Post about this giveaway! Don’t forget to tell your friends to like the Facebook page as well! *Extra entries will be given for those who share the giveaway on Instagram and/or Twitter!  GOOD LUCK!

** The giveaway ends tomorrow night when a winner will be announced on Facebook!



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