Feature Friday – Refurbished Finds

Today’s featured finds include an end table and a 1960’s bench that were sent in by Lauren DiFazio in Glastonbury, Connecticut.  Before I show you these adorable items, let me just tell you how excited I am to be seeing the great refurbished pieces that people are sending me (or that I am forcing them to send me)! I know many Twine and Vines followers are seasoned DIYers and craft mavens, so please, please send me more of your stuff to be featured!  But enough of the begging and pleading (please, please send), let’s see what Lauren did with her garage sale and Good Will furniture!

This end table was picked up at a garage sale in Connecticut for only $5! Lauren spray painted it a perfect greyish blue, and gave it a light distressing with sandpaper.  One reason this piece may have been so inexpensive was that it was sold with a missing knob on the middle drawer, but she knew she wanted to switch out the hardware anyway so it was a win, win!  I just love the metallic knobs she chose!

Blue 1ld

Blue 2 LD

Tiered end/side tables have really been making a comeback (for some they have always been a favorite style), and as long as your find has good bones to work with, you will most likely get a charming table as an end result.  So keep your eyes peeled for these bad boys!

Next, Lauren sent in a 1960’s vanity bench that she picked up from the Good Will for only $10!  Lauren spray painted the wooden legs white and gave them a light distressing as well.  Giving old, dark wood a quick makeover with paint (especially white paint) instantly updates any piece!  Lastly, she decided instead of replacing the fabric, why not spray paint it as well, which she did on some of the flowers for that extra modernizing touch!

Lauren D Ott 2 re

Lauren D Ott1 rep

Oh, and let’s not forget the best part, check out the original 1960’s shipping slip attached to the back of the bench!


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