Favorite Finds – Floor Clock


When shopping at flea markets there are so many fabulous pieces that one can find! Therefore I would like to incorporate a new blog category called Favorite Finds!

Above you will see one of my own favorite flea market finds, a Swedish Mora Floor Clock replica. When I saw this clock, I knew I had to have it, and for $30 why not?  I knew it wasn’t an original, the clock face is plastic, it is pretty lightweight and there is no pendulum hole, but I was more than ok with that! The clock runs with batteries in the back, and I just love the curved lines and adorable stature!  It was sold to me in a sage green color, with a big hand painted flower in the front.  Which I knew I had to fix.

I quickly changed the color to orange to match my decor, and distressed it so the green would show through.  This clock has since become one of those conversation pieces that just adds that extra touch to a room.

I found this piece along with many of my other favorites at the Douglas Flea Market, in Douglas, Mass.

standing orange clock

What are some of your favorite finds?  Contact me with pictures of your favorite flea market finds, where you got them, and why you love them for a chance to be featured in my new category!

Since I am currently on a yard sale trip taking me through Tennessee and Kentucky, I am sure I will be bringing back plenty of new favorite finds!

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