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To help finish up my fall decorating, I knew I needed some Autumn prints.  Something bold, graphic, yet simple to go above my console table.  Luckily, since most bloggers love this time of year, I knew there would be plenty of ideas out there! I scoured the web, and found that Everything Etsy, had 10 free Fall printables from numerous creative and print savvy bloggers all in one spot!  After some more quick accessorizing, another seasonal vignette was made to warm up my apartment for fall!

I started by choosing four of my favorite coordinating prints from the 10 prints available.  Now you can really go crazy with these and even create a gallery wall of fall prints if you want to! However, I decided not to get too carried away and just placed these prints in four black frames that I had lying around.


I then styled my table with a strip of burlap, a tall candlestick (Anthropologie), a decorative mercury glass bowl (Pottery Barn) that I filled with gourds and balls of twine, along with vintage books, and a birdcage that I styled with my leftover garland from Michaels Craft Store.


As for the nearby coffee table, I used a vintage crate and filled it with more strips of burlap, and wine bottles that I had previously spray painted white.  I filled these bottles with orange and red plastic berries and used decorative leaves and berries to sprinkle over the burlap.  A quick and easy fall centerpiece was born!


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Since my apartment has a pretty open layout, these coordinating fall decorations really help tie the space together and give it a great seasonal feeling!



fall bar


Print out some of your favorite prints at http://www.everythingetsy.com/2013/08/10-fall-printables-to-welcome-in-the-season/ and show me what you do with them in your home!

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