DIY – Wedding Ceremony Wine Box


A new trend in wedding ceremonies is to incorporate a wine box, in which the bride and groom write letters to each other and the letters are placed in the wine box (with their favorite wine) at the ceremony, and either locked or nailed shut. The bride and groom can then chose which anniversary they would like to open each other’s letters and drink the wine. I really like this addition to the wedding ceremony as I had not seen it done before this, and have yet to again. Incorporating a wine box can add a personal touch to the ceremony while also giving the bride and groom something from that special day that lasts forever, besides their love of course 😉

When my sister asked me to make a wine box for their ceremony, I didn’t know where to begin. I looked on Etsy and saw some examples, but knew that I wanted more than their names and date on the box. Therefore, I used their Save The Date card as inspiration. Holly and Craig had beautiful yet simple Save The Date cards that were basically a scenic view of Newport and the Newport bridge in orange and blue hues. I did my best to replicate this on the top of the wine box, without copying exactly (at least that is my excuse for it not coming out perfectly ha!)

before and afterCollage

I was glad to make this for them, and smile every time I see it on display in their apartment.

This wine box was featured in Southern New England Wedding Magazine.



* This wine box was handmade out of pieces of scrap wood. However, another option for a couple getting married would be to buy an already made box from a crafts store and paint/decorate it together. Or better yet, you could just place an order for one on my Etsy page

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