DIY to Try – Rustic Pallet Shelf

diy pallet shelfOne of the easiest ways you can add a rustic element to your room is by creating a DIY pallet shelf! With the recent guest bedroom makeover project, I decided to add a natural element to the bedroom with this book shelf that I created using a wood pallet and assorted knobs I picked up from the Good Will.

To begin you will need a wood pallet, you can find these for sale or for free on the side of the road or you can even ask your local Lowe’s and Home Depot if they have any extra that they want to get rid of, I have done this once or twice.  You will want to make sure that your pallet has never shipped any food and has been heat-treated.  I always power wash my pallet wood, clean and seal it for the best protection.  Pallet dimensions can vary but are usually around 40″ long.

palletsI searched through my collection of pallets for ones that had curved support boards as I like the look it gives.  However keep in mind not all pallets have these type of support boards.

curvedsupportboardsI kept the pallet at the 40″ length, but cut it to about 14″ height, with a depth of about 5″.

To do so I removed the pieces of wood on the front of the pallet, thereby leaving the three backing boards and the three rounded support boards that were attached onto the front of those.  I cut the pallet at the desired height, and then searched my scrap wood pile for a wider front board.  As you can see I ended up choosing one that had a varied width and cool slope to it.  I really liked the natural look of this and the added interest it provided.  Lastly, I secured the shelf together by adding the bottom board, which was provided from my left over front pallet pieces.

diy pallet shelf piecesOnce it was all assembled, I used white spray paint to give it a white washed look.  I did not want the wood to be completely covered in white paint as I still wanted some of the natural wood to come through.  The below picture was taken after the first very light coat of paint.

whiteshelfOnce the paint was dry I added the four various dresser knobs that I had previously picked up from the Good Will for about 50 cents each!  I drilled these knobs into the front piece of the shelf thus giving the shelf another use, and adding even more visual interest to the piece.

differentknobsonshelfThe shelf was held up with screws and wire attached to the back, and then rested on heavy weight supporting picture hangers, however the shelf could also be secured by using molly screws.

Lastly, it was time to style the shelf! I took the plastic covers off of hardcover books in shades of blue and added them to the shelf.  I then hung a few accessories like a scarf and decorative keys from the knobs on the front.

booksonshelfshelf3 I really love the way it adds something extra special to the room, while being useful as well!

bedroom7Have you made a shelf out of pallet wood before? If so, feel free to send me pictures to be featured on the blog! Contact me at

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