DIY To Try – Paper Bag Gift Wrap


“Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings”…these definitely are a few of my favorite things!  And a great way to describe my gift wrapping style this Christmas!  Today I will show you how to gift wrap your presents, with items you already have in your home! Mainly, brown paper shopping bags!  It is inexpensive and a great way to “go green”!

Ok so this isn’t the first time I used brown paper bags in my Christmas decor, I cut paper strips and used them as garland for my tree, as you can see here.  That combined with the gift wrapping really gave a unified look around the tree!

I already had all of the items I used to wrap my Christmas presents!  These included the bags, twine, markers, sprigs of evergreens, and candy canes!


First you will need to cut your paper bags so that they lay flat by cutting the bottom part out.  Don’t forget to cut off the handles!


Then just wrap the present as you normally would, and tie some twine or string around the gift to give it that rustic and natural look.  I also added a sprig of evergreen and berries to this one.


I made gift tags with the brown paper bags too!  I cut a small square out of what was left from the bag (the bottom part) and drew a reindeer with markers.  I then hole punched the paper and tied it to the present.


I wrapped another gift with the brown paper bags, and Washi tape!  The tape makes for easy decoration, and is a perfect substitute for ribbon!  I finished off the gift with another handmade tag and and a sprig of evergreen!


Another option is to use a Whole Foods bag!  These winter shopping bags come with a snowflake pattern already printed on them!  And you don’t need a gift tag, as there is already a “To” and “From” section!


These bags are great for smaller gifts.  My gift fit perfectly with the snowflakes on the front, and the labels on the side and back!  I finished the look with some candy canes, evergreens and a twine bow!

recycled paper backofwholefoodsbag snowflakes2

Lastly, if you like the look of printed wrapping paper but don’t have any Whole Foods bags handy, just make your own!  For this last present I used a regular plain brown paper bag, and drew a reindeer on the front!  I then finished the gift by hot gluing a twine bow on the reindeer’s neck!  You can really draw anything you want as long as you have some black markers handy!  Maybe some Christmas trees, a snowman, snowflakes, or reindeer, the possibilities are endless!

reindeergiftwrap1 reindeergiftwrap2 reindeerandbow2

I really love the look of the group of gifts together!  They have a rustic, natural element but still have a wintry Christmas feel!  And I just used what I had around the apartment!

arielview1 closeupgifts1giftsandtreeclosertreeandgifts

So try “going green” this Christmas, and maybe throw in a little red too!  You will love how it all comes together!

Happy Wrapping!


  1. ms c says

    I just love this idea. The reindeer are so cute , you have made me a fan this year. I can not wait to have gifts under the tree that look like yours.

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