DIY to Try – Pallet Wine Rack

DIY Pallet Wine Rack HeaderThere is certainly nothing to wine about with this DIY tutorial on how to make a pallet wine rack! Considering I recently showed you how to make a rustic shelf out of a pallet, I found it only fitting that the next DIY post should be about making another type of shelf…for wine.  And hey it even holds your glasses too! Win, win, wine!

The first steps in making the wine rack are the same as in making the rustic shelf.  You can find these instructions here –> DIY Rustic Pallet Shelf.

Once you have accomplished that part, the next step is making the rack to hang the glasses.  This will be made from a single piece of wood, the same length as your shelf’s bottom board, about 40″.  I would suggest using wood a little thicker than pallet wood for this part, depending on how heavy your wine glasses are.  I have used pallet wood as well, but recommend wood that is a little thicker if you can find it, it will ensure less splitting of the wood when cutting.

Mark where your wine glass slots will be located with an x on the wood, evenly spaced out.  Keep in mind you will need to keep about 2 inches of free space on both ends, for wood spacers.  I made 8 marks, evenly spaced, across the middle of the board.

I have found the easiest way to create these slots is by first cutting a circle where the x’s are marked, and then using a saw to cut two straight lines going into the middle of those circles.  You can use a 1″ hole saw, or a 1″ drill bit to create the circles.  I used a circular saw to cut the lines, but you could also use a hand saw, or jig saw or anything else that might work.

* I lightly sanded the rough edges that were cut.  Also, if you are staining or spray painting the wood, this would be a good time to do it, as the pieces are not yet assembled.

glassholder2I then cut 2 pieces of wood about 2 inches across, to be used as the spacers to allow for the wine glass bases to fit easily under the shelf base (don’t forget to stain these as well).  You can use 1×4 wood, or scrap wood that you have lying around.

Lastly, nail or drill the spacers into the base of wine shelf, and then nail or drill the glasses rack into the spacers.

You will end up with the look as shown below (unstained).


Once you done assembling the wine rack, you will end up with a rustic and useful piece to hang on your wall (you can use molly screws to attach to wall).


Below are a few examples of wine racks that I have made in the past (also available to purchase from my Etsy shop).

As you can see, the 40″ racks hold about 10 bottles of wine.


And 8 wine glasses.


You can vary the length of your wine racks as well.  While I find it easier to keep the rack the length of the pallet, you can shorten them if you want.  It may take some moving of the support boards (depending on the starting length of your pallet).  Other than that, just follow the same instructions as above.

A wine rack I made at 30″ length, holding 6 wine glasses.


I think next time I make some wine racks I might try painting a cute saying on the front, like these images I created using some wine quotes.  What do you think?

wine o clock

What quote would you want on yours?

had me at Merlot

Lastly, don’t forget, there is a silver lining in all of this hard work.  Once you are done making your very own wine rack, you get to reward yourself with a nice glass of wine, or two.  Hey you deserve it!



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