DIY to Try – A Belted Shelf

DSC_0106For a while now, I have been thinking of different ways to install some sort of shelving in our small bathroom.   We have very limited space around our sink, and our toiletries are usually covering every inch.  Well today I had enough, I decided I was going to change that, I knew even the smallest shelf would free up some space!  However, I did not feel like spending money on buying something that may or may not work.  I was impatient, and I wanted it done today, and with supplies that I already had.

Hmmmm…didn’t I see something on Pinterest once about making a shelf out of belts?  Yup, sure enough the geniuses over at Design Sponge made a pretty awesome hanging leather and wood shelf, and that was the tutorial I followed to make my very own, with a few changes of course.

To start I grabbed some scrap wood and asked Jim if he had some belts that he no longer wears, preferably black to match our bathroom.  And he did yay!  That plus a tape measure, pencil, saw, wood stain, nails and a hammer and I was in business!

I knew the dimensions for my shelf would have to be smaller than the tutorial.  I cut some scrap wood to 20″ long, and they both had a width around 4″.  However these scrap pieces were just a little off in depth from one another, and definitely off in color-but I changed that with some wood stain.

DSC_0109Once that was dry, it was time to start assembling the shelf.  Since my shelf was smaller the spacing between would need to be smaller as well, therefore I ended up leaving about 8.5″ between the two shelves.  The hardest part in this whole process was making sure the shelves were evenly spaced and level.  This will take some messing with the belt buckles and possibly making new belt holes.  I definitely had to move some nails around, but just keep measuring and you will get it.  Or it will be as close as it will get, and you just have to be fine with it not being perfect!  For example one of my belts is a little stiffer than the other therefore it protrudes a little further from the wall on the top, but I decided to look at it as adding some extra charm to the already quirky shelf!

Another minor change I made to the tutorial is that I decided to put the belt buckles in the back instead of the front.  While experimenting with it I decided the belt buckles in the front made the shelf look a little too much like well… a couple of belts.  And while I love the quirky and resourcefulness of using belts, I liked the look and simplicity of the plain black leather with the rustic wood better.  But the great part is you still get a hint of the buckle on the sides, and since our shelf is next to a mirror you can tell they are there without them being the main attraction.

While some parts were frustrating, all in all it was a simple DIY project that is inexpensive, different and that can be done in just a few hours.  I already love the industrial look it adds to our bathroom, not to mention all of the extra space we now have!DSC_0114DSC_0097DSC_0100


  1. ms c says

    I love this, what a great idea. The possibilities are endless, This would be great in the spare office you will be doing for me or almost anywhere. love love

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