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Who doesn’t love mason jars?  These glass canning jars seem to be all over the place these days, and for good reason!  There is so much you can do with these inexpensive glasses! Today, I will show you how I painted and distressed these mason jars for a shabby chic yet seasonal look!


1. Start with CLEAN and DRY mason jars 

I used two of the larger sized jars that I had lying around, but any old type of mason jar will do!


2. PREPARE your painting space

This means lay down newspaper or something to cover the space you are working on, and get out mixing bowls.  I used white sheets of paper to protect my table, and disposable plates for my paint. Nothing fancy, as this is a quick and easy DIY!


3.  Get out your ACRYLIC PAINTS and brushes and start MIXING!

I grabbed all of the oranges, yellows, whites, and browns to mix together and create two colors that went well together and reflected the colors of the season.  I also knew that the colors I mixed together would work in my apartment long after the fall season.  Choose colors that you already have in your home.  You can use complimentary colors, or different hues of the same color, or layer colors, the possibilities are endless!


4.  Paint TWO COATS and let DRY in between

I started with painting around the top and then moved in straight lines down towards the bottom, flipping the jar about half way to reach the bottom.  Patience is key here, let your first coat dry before you move onto your second coat, mine was dry in about 40 minutes.  The first coat will look streaky and light but the second coat will really help to even things out.



I waited for the paint to dry overnight, but if you start at the beginning of the day your paint should be dry enough to move on to the next step at night.  You will be able to tell by touching it, make sure it is not at all tacky.


This is the fun part! I used 100 grit sandpaper and a nail file (as I read this tip on Pinterest) and they both worked great! Be careful not to distress too roughly and the paint will come off nicely.  I used the sandpaper for the top where the lid goes, and over the raised parts around the glass.  I saved the nail file for the front raised lettering.  I then went around the glass and added little distress marks randomly around the top and bottom of the glass.


7.  SEAL YOUR PAINT with a clear acrylic gloss or enamel

This will prevent chipping in the future, and allow for the outside of the glasses to be wiped down for cleaning.



Fill your jars with water and add some fresh flowers! I also added some rope around the top of the jar, but you can add ribbon, burlap strands, or tie a bow with fabric!  The fresh flowers really bring the shabby chic look to life, but these jars can also be used as pen holders for the office, utensil or straw holders for a party, the list goes on and on!

9.  ENJOY!









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