The Silver Lining – A Desk Makeover

As many of you know, I love a good makeover project! Especially if the makeover involves taking an old beat up piece and turning it into something beautiful and functional.  This is exactly what I set out to do with this old sewing desk that I picked up at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, for only $40!  I decided to glam up the piece with some

Let’s Table This – Refurbished Coffee Table

One of the good things about moving in with a significant other is – all of the doubles in furniture, especially if you are a DIYer and furniture hoader like myself 😉 Instead of giving away, throwing out or selling this old, plain black coffee table as it was, I decided to refurbish it, and make more money on it than we would have initially.

Roadside Assistance – Hutch Makeover

Everyone knows the idiom “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” but not everyone may take it literally, as I did.  I rescued this beat up old hutch from the side of the road, and with a little help brought it back to our apartment (which my boyfriend was not happy about).  For months this sad, heavy piece was blocking closets and taking up space,