Branch Out This Christmas!

branchoutYou have about one week left to branch out this Christmas!  That is, if you haven’t already, branches and twigs have become quite popular over the past few years, especially this time of year!  And why shouldn’t they be?  They bring a rustic yet simple element to your holiday decor, and many of the ideas I will show you today are easy and oh so versatile!

First up, my friend Lauren sent me this idea for a DIY Christmas card holder!  Lauren put together her card display with twigs from her own backyard that she spray painted white, and placed in a vase.  She then secured these cards with clothespins.  Lauren also provided another great tip – paint your clothespins red and green for an even more festive look!

lobranchesBranches could also be used for centerpieces!  I just love the dramatic and elegant feel this wintry centerpiece gives!  You could use light up branches like the ones shown, or you could pick some from your own back yard!  Many of these supplies, like the snowflakes, Christmas ornaments, and the urn can be picked up pretty inexpensively from your local crafts store.  Click here for tutorial.

Copy of IMG_2795-2What’s even more dramatic than a centerpiece with branches?  A hanging chandelier that is a branch!  Your Christmas dinner party will be picture perfect with this hanging ornament branch!  It is easier than it looks!  Click here for tutorial.

f3c1d820153a2f8535c9d743ac988bdeMaybe you don’t have room for a Christmas tree in your home, not to mention a big tree branch!  Not to worry, you can still branch out this season by making a branch Christmas tree!  This type of project is perfect for those living in apartments! Click here for tutorials.

51bd00e2dbd0cb1e7f001995._w.540_s.fit_Lastly, I will show you how I added branches to my Christmas decor as well!  I have used these DIY light up branches in my apartments for the past few years both indoors and outdoors on my balcony. First I grabbed some fallen branches from my parent’s home, and spray painted them white.  Once dry, I wrapped the branches in mini white lights.  I then purchased two metal buckets from Home Depot.  I filled the bottom with rocks and crumpled up brown paper bags (to take up space), and then stood the branches into the buckets, and filled in the buckets with rock salt.  This project can be done in any size,  as you can use smaller branches and buckets for smaller spaces.  I added mini birdhouses and bird ornaments to mine.   But you can hang any type of ornaments, clip on Christmas cards, or just leave the branches plain!

light up branchesThe possibilities with branches and twigs are endless for your holiday decor!  When left plain they add a rustic and natural element and when spray painted and/or lit up they take on more of an elegant look.  Any which way you use branches, they are sure to be one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to make your home feel festive!


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